EOp Cancelled – 10 July 2021

Hi All, we've had a note from parkrun HQ ... all events in the Perth and Peel region are CANCELLED this weekend. We look forward to events going ahead as normal on July 17th and can't wait to see you then xEOp
"Following a review of the COVID-19 Restrictions affecting the Perth and Peel regions that were updated on July 5 and, after discussions with the WA Government, we have confirmed that all parkrun events in Perth and Peel regions would have a capacity limit of 150. Whilst some events may not reach these attendance numbers, we are mindful that if some events went ahead and others didn’t this could cause events that were open to exceed this limit. Sadly, this means all events in the Perth and Peel regions are required to be cancelled for Saturday, July 10."

EOp Cancelled – 03/07/2021

Hi lovely parkrunners. We are sure you've seen that many parkruns across Perth will be going ahead tomorrow (woo hoo!) however our lovely campus will be remaining closed for another few days so we have CANCELLED the event for 03/07/2021. We apologise for the late notice.
You have lots of options so wherever you parkrun tomorrow please stay safe, take your mask, scan in using SafeWA and be kind! We look forward to seeing you again soon xEOp

EOp Cancelled – 24 April 2021

Following the Western Australian Government announcement Edinburgh Oval parkrun will be cancelled this Saturday, 24 April 2021. Please respect the lockdown restrictions, safety comes first.

We can't wait to see you again, hopefully just a week down the track. Take care and please be kind. xEOp



EOp SafeWA App QR Code

SafeWApack_Edinburgh Oval

The Western Australian Government has now mandated electronic check-in via the SafeWA app for any place where an event is held. As such, parkrun events are now required to print and display a unique QR code, at various locations around the event. We ask that the QR code is also added to each event’s social media channels and as a news article on the event website.

Walkers, runners and volunteers checking in via the app is fundamental for parkrun to continue operating in WA, therefore participants are strongly encouraged to check in before leaving home, in their car, at or after the event each week. Should participants have any problems scanning the QR Code or do not have a compatible device, we would suggest another participant or volunteer use their device and register their community member as a new entry by rescanning the QR Code.


EOp Cancelled – 6 and 13 February 2021

Following the Western Australian Government announcement on 4 February 2021, all events in Perth and Peel will be cancelled for the next two weeks (both Saturday 6 and 13 February 2021). Please respect the post-lockdown transition restrictions, safety comes first.
We can't wait to see you again, hopefully on February 20th for our rescheduled first anniversary. xEOp


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