Cottesloe parkrun # 233 - 12/10/2019

ClubNoteTotal Runs
1Boro GUMP19:08VM35-3970.30 %M1MAD RAD MTB UTBPB stays at 00:18:3540
3Marcel BAIRD20:27SM25-2963.08 %M3PB stays at 00:18:2937
5Nicholas MITCHELL20:46JM15-1765.01 %M5New PB!2
6Tom RAYNER21:42SM30-3460.14 %M6Kirribilli RunnersPB stays at 00:20:5261Member of the parkrun 50 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
7Stijn VLEMMIX21:58VM35-3960.77 %M7WA Marathon ClubPB stays at 00:19:2911
9Andy HINTON22:25VM50-5467.96 %M9New PB!6
10Tjeerd GROOT22:44VM35-3959.60 %M10PB stays at 00:22:205
11Joanna LLOYD22:49VW45-4970.27 %F1PB stays at 00:22:0253Member of the parkrun 50 Club
12Barrie CLARKE22:50VM55-5967.30 %M11First Timer!2
13Hampus SWENSON22:52JM15-1760.86 %M12First Timer!1
14Brett SUANN22:54VM50-5464.41 %M13PB stays at 00:21:5135
16Mike COOTE23:02VM60-6469.61 %M15PB stays at 00:22:1221
17Tom WILSON23:16VM45-4962.89 %M16PB stays at 00:22:422
18Justin CHADWICK23:18VM35-3956.58 %M17First Timer!1
19Quin ARUNDEL23:19JM15-1757.90 %M18PB stays at 00:23:0417Member of the parkrun 10 Club
20Neil WILSON23:25VM40-4458.29 %M19New PB!53Member of the parkrun 50 Club
21Nathan MEERS23:29VM40-4458.13 %M20PB stays at 00:19:4571Member of the parkrun 50 Club
22Rory GALLAGHER23:35SM20-2454.70 %M21First Timer!2
23Steven GUARINO23:43VM40-4459.31 %M22PB stays at 00:23:322
24Brad STRANGE23:50SM30-3454.27 %M23New PB!2
25Nicholas WALMSLEY23:51SM25-2954.09 %M24First Timer!49
26Robert CATTRALL24:12VM60-6466.87 %M25PB stays at 00:20:35101Member of the parkrun 100 Club
27James LEWIS24:13SM25-2953.34 %M26PB stays at 00:23:2813
28George HADDRELL24:26JM11-1462.62 %M27PB stays at 00:22:448
29David BROOKE24:30SM30-3452.93 %M28PB stays at 00:21:0812
30Baxter ERREY24:31JM11-1462.41 %M29First Timer!6
32John MITCHELL24:35VM50-5460.47 %M31PB stays at 00:24:03111Member of the parkrun 100 Club
33Kevin TOO24:37SM30-3452.67 %M32PB stays at 00:23:25144Member of the parkrun 100 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
34Lennart TENTEN25:03VM40-4455.76 %M33PB stays at 00:25:013
35Cameron CRESSWELL25:35SM20-2450.42 %M34First Timer!2
36David ERREY25:58VM45-4955.91 %M35First Timer!10
38Sutherlan SCUDDS26:12SM25-2949.30 %M37First Timer!1
39Michael BENSON26:15VM60-6462.73 %M38PB stays at 00:25:3225
40Mike IVEY26:17VM55-5958.47 %M39PB stays at 00:25:3635
41Duncan WILSON26:19VM55-5958.39 %M40PB stays at 00:22:4934
42Kerry FONTANA26:20VW35-3957.47 %F2PB stays at 00:24:315
45John LE CORNU26:33VM60-6462.59 %M43PB stays at 00:24:3697Member of the parkrun 50 Club
46Peter CARROLL26:41VM50-5456.15 %M44PB stays at 00:25:2116
49Robert BEER27:31VM55-5956.33 %M47PB stays at 00:25:3037
50Johnny BOWIE27:36VM50-5454.29 %M48First Timer!1
52Rob MUNNS27:41VM45-4951.60 %M50PB stays at 00:21:2049
53Josh TURNER27:58SM30-3446.66 %M51First Timer!2
56Scott MORRISON28:06VM50-5452.49 %M54First Timer!68Member of the parkrun 50 Club
57Maeve SWEENEY28:09VW55-5966.07 %F3PB stays at 00:25:5789Member of the parkrun 50 Club
58Christine CUNNINGHAM28:22VW45-4955.99 %F4New PB!4
59Janet COOTE28:28VW60-6468.15 %F5PB stays at 00:26:5928
60Erin MARSTRAND28:53JW15-1752.97 %F6PB stays at 00:24:5331Member of the parkrun 10 Club
61Johanna Leahy MARSTRAND28:53VW45-4956.66 %F7parkrun World touristsPB stays at 00:23:29159Member of the parkrun 100 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
62Evie SMITH29:00JW1058.85 %F8First Timer!4
63Jonathan SMITH29:00VM45-4949.25 %M55Australian Ultra Runners AssociationFirst Timer!4
64Aileen O'BRIEN29:04VW35-3951.78 %F9New PB!5
69Patrick HAILAND29:27VM50-5450.08 %M60PB stays at 00:24:4325
70Louise BENNETT29:31VW40-4451.84 %F10PB stays at 00:27:1523
71Kevin GLASSON29:33SM25-2943.65 %M61PB stays at 00:29:026
72Anna SUDLOW29:58VW50-5455.95 %F11PB stays at 00:29:3815
73Annabel OPIE30:01JW11-1453.19 %F12PB stays at 00:25:5927Member of the parkrun 10 Club
74Nathan OPIE30:03VM45-4947.92 %M62PB stays at 00:23:4931
75William ARUNDEL30:13JM11-1449.20 %M63PB stays at 00:25:0917Member of the parkrun 10 Club
76David HEWETSON30:22VM35-3944.29 %M64First Timer!1
77Seamus ARUNDEL30:25VM50-5450.08 %M65PB stays at 00:24:1165Member of the parkrun 50 Club
78Adam WHELAN30:26VM40-4446.22 %M66PB stays at 00:29:2596Member of the parkrun 50 Club
79Linus CHIN30:29SM25-2942.32 %M67First Timer!1
80Emily BEARD30:31SW20-2448.50 %F13First Timer!2
81Warwick GREVILLE30:33VM45-4946.43 %M68PB stays at 00:25:5175Member of the parkrun 50 Club
83Lyda HAYWARD31:30VW55-5956.72 %F14WA Marathon ClubPB stays at 00:28:14153Member of the parkrun 100 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
84Gavin TAN31:42SM25-2940.69 %M70First Timer!3
85Cara GUELFI31:49SW30-3446.52 %F15New PB!5
86Helen DAVIES-KANAKIS31:51VW45-4951.39 %F16PB stays at 00:27:5215
88Tara FRENCH32:05VW40-4449.04 %F17PB stays at 00:24:2749
89Triona CLERKIN32:19SW25-2945.80 %F18First Timer!1
90Chantal DE BEER32:20VW35-3947.01 %F19First Timer!4
91Jane GREY32:27VW50-5454.34 %F20New PB!73Member of the parkrun 50 Club
92Abi PFAFF32:38SW30-3445.45 %F21PB stays at 00:30:24176Member of the parkrun 100 Club
93Deirdre FITZGERALD32:40VW35-3945.77 %F22PB stays at 00:21:5442
94Fiona JOHNSON32:54VW45-4948.73 %F23PB stays at 00:31:316
95Michael PELUSEY32:55VM60-6450.48 %M72First Timer!3
96Sue GRAY33:03VW60-6457.89 %F24First Timer!182Member of the parkrun 100 Club
97Kate MORRISON33:14VW50-5450.45 %F25First Timer!41
98Christina FRANCIS33:36VW60-6458.58 %F26PB stays at 00:32:0324
99Jodie VANCE33:54VW45-4947.30 %F27PB stays at 00:28:5327
100Alice FELBER33:58SW25-2943.57 %F28New PB!5
101Caitlin WILSON34:05SW18-1943.91 %F29PB stays at 00:32:1912
102Richard HAYWARD34:10VM50-5444.24 %M73WA Marathon ClubPB stays at 00:26:2875Member of the parkrun 50 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
103Lauren JACKSON34:45SW20-2442.59 %F30Runny Noses Run ClubFirst Timer!10
104Mark GUNNING34:59VM60-6446.26 %M74PB stays at 00:31:0720
105Bryony CRAWFORD35:29VW50-5447.82 %F31New PB!5
106Rosie HADDRELL36:04JW1048.66 %F32PB stays at 00:29:475
107Ben HADDRELL36:11VM40-4438.28 %M75PB stays at 00:26:058
108Karena TIMMINS36:49VW40-4442.73 %F33New PB!8
109Annie WARBURTON37:11VW50-5446.84 %F34PB stays at 00:34:1137
110Eimear MURPHY38:13SW25-2938.73 %F35PB stays at 00:36:4917
111Christie RUITER39:09JW11-1442.49 %F36PB stays at 00:37:2540Member of the parkrun 10 Club
112Paul RUITER39:09VM45-4936.78 %M76Rand ACPB stays at 00:24:1247
116Alison COATES43:52VW55-5941.26 %F37PB stays at 00:41:4713
117Julia SHADLOW-BATH46:37VW50-5436.40 %F38First Timer!7
118Amanda MELONI50:57SW25-2929.05 %F39PB stays at 00:23:2558Member of the parkrun 50 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
120Kalel PEREIRA51:16JM1030.79 %M81PB stays at 00:24:4757Member of the parkrun 50 Club
122Zara PEREIRA51:38JW1035.09 %F40PB stays at 00:29:3751Member of the parkrun 50 Club
123Ridge PEREIRA51:40JM1038.26 %M83PB stays at 00:31:0939Member of the parkrun 10 Club
124Gavin PEREIRA51:40VM40-4426.81 %M84PB stays at 00:24:2653Member of the parkrun 50 Club
125Elizabeth PEREIRA55:16VW40-4427.83 %F41PB stays at 00:22:1668Member of the parkrun 50 Club
126Nicola PENCHES55:52VW35-3926.94 %F42PB stays at 00:35:133
127Tracy RICHARDS58:36VW40-4426.45 %F43First Timer!3
128Susan ADDINALL58:39VW65-6936.74 %F44First Timer!8
129Emily RICHARDS58:40JW11-1427.76 %F45First Timer!1
130Paul KILPA1:01:37VM50-5424.72 %M85PB stays at 00:26:0290Member of the parkrun 50 Club

Thanks to the volunteers

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Andy BALDWIN, Adam BARKER, Emily BENSON, Sarah HADDRELL, Paul KILPA, Ted MANGAN, Ally OROURKE, Asha THEDOG

Why not get involved and volunteer?

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