Cohuna parkrun – Event number 113 – 26th January 2019

What a great day to be an Aussie! We certainly think that Cohuna parkrun embodies many of the unique and wonderful things about our great country - fresh air, water, socialising, spending time in nature...and of course we all love getting something for free (a run/walk AND breakfast this morning!!)

As always, our amazing team of volunteers brought together our event this morning. Thanks to Amy TREACY • Renee BADDOCK • Raymond HICKS • Denise MORRISON • Lauren DEHNE • Tim DOUGLASS • Ruth APPLEBY • Kate PEACOCK • Pam HISLOP

We have also had a few people show interest in learning the ropes for the Run Director role - it's very simple and such a rewarding thing to do. Don't wait to be asked...everyone is welcome on the Cohuna parkrun team!

We had 63 happy participants this morning who smiled their way through their walk/run and were cheered on by a huge crown in Garden Park. It was great that the two events could work with each other this morning. A random bag-piper even gave Run Director Amy a background soundtrack while she was doing the run brief!

You may have also noticed that we had a lot of visitors this morning, all important and welcomed but a couple of faces stood out as recognisible...we had the gorgeous Lisa Curry and her hilarious hubby Mark join us for a lovely walk. Mark was pretty ambitious in his thongs! A true Aussie!

We hope everyone went home with the same happy buzz that we did...someone commented "Gosh parkrun is awesome" and "How good was this morning". This makes our hearts sing! We have 599 people registered with Cohuna parkrun as their 'home event' - who will be #600?

See ya next week...Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi