Coburg parkrun #252 – 18/01/2020

I ran my first parkrun on January 1st 2017 with my sister-in-law (a Run Director herself) at Ellenbrook Fields in Hertfordshire, England. I didn’t bother to signup or print my barcode, as I thought it was to be a once off.

As I jumped between dry patches of mud on the trail, and concentrated hard to try to avoid crashing through the puddles which had a thin layer of ice over the top of them, I wondered to myself, who actually does this for fun?

When I finished, the locals got around me - “Well done to the Aussies” they said. I wasn’t even offended they didn’t know I was a New Zealander.  A supportive and encouraging community of people who encourage you to get out and exercise? Cool!

Needless to say, I was hooked.  I ran Coburg parkrun with a barcode 2 weeks later and haven’t stopped since.

Thank you all for the cheers as I stepped up to RD my first event this week, and I am grateful for this opportunity to contribute to our community

Being RD this week, I got the chance to have a chat with Lisa Weightman, this week’s first finisher. Lisa was using Coburg parkrun as one of her last hitouts before taking off to Japan this week to run the Osaka Marathon. On behalf of Coburg parkrun we wish her all the best.

Congratulations to Frankie who did his 200th at Coburg this week. We appreciate it is a long way between our official milestones of 100 and 250!

It was also awesome to have a full family of Pirates along to join us this week. Have you heard of the Pirate Club?  Visit seven parkruns that begin with the letter C (seven seas), and one parkrun starting with the letter R (arrhh)!

First timers

A very warm welcome to the forty-one people who had their personal barcodes scanned at Coburg parkrun for the very first time today, especially those who were at parkrun for the first time: A HUA SHAND, Ainsley HUDGSON, Angela MORGAN, Annabel MORGAN, Antonia FIELD, Carly EAGER, Cassie SPILIOPOULOS, Chris KEATING, Clare KENTMANN, Daniel SIMPSON, Edie JIRICEK, Ersin YUKSEL, Farai SHAND, Francis KIRBY, Gerard MONTGOMERY, Hayley FERRIS, Iwandee SUVANMANI, Jacqueline ROBERTS-THOMSON, James GAW, James ROBERTS-THOMSON, Jin Xiu TEE, Jo MONEY, Joe BYFORD, Juniper JIRICEK, Kate MONTGOMERY, Katie BYFORD, Maddie LAKOS, Megan EDWARDS, Montana MONTGOMERY, Oguz AKKUS, Oliver GAW, Robert EAGER, Robert VUKMAN, Sarah SYNOTT, Sevgi YUKSEL, Simge YUKSEL, Skylie MASSINGHAM, Spring ROLL SHAND MARSH, Sue M GULLIVER, Vince POLITINO, and Winnie O'KEEFFE. We hope to see you all again soon!

Personal Bests

Coburg parkrun is not a race, but many of us get great joy and motivation from a personal best. Congratulations to those thirty-five participants who completed our five kilometre course faster than ever before today: Abbey GRIFFIN (31:02), Alagarsamy RAMU (33:33), Arthur BELLETTE (24:49), Ashley Robert PEACOCK (20:31), Ashton BAILLIE (51:41), Axel MUIZNIEKS (25:29), Claire SPILLMAN (29:26), Di WATSON (34:32), Eduardo VOM (26:54), Elissa STANYER (26:47), Elizabeth GRALTON (27:44), Ethan VOM (26:49), Evelyn IRVING (54:28), Farah MELHEM (24:57), Florian GENTO (28:56), Jamie CLARK (25:25), Kusum GURUNG (22:12), Leah VOM (28:14), Leo FITZGERALD (21:52), Maisey GASPER (28:14), Marion HACKETT (24:34), Mathilda WILMOT (21:42), Michael JOHNSTONE (29:05), Molly GASPER (25:57), Naomi MITCHELL (30:55), Patrick GAME (23:29), Penny LANE (33:22), Peter DEAN (31:22), Richard SNOW (24:38), Sahitra SERAN (33:13), Sue SIMEONE (30:20), Susie BYERS (36:27), Will LEWIS (23:13), William SPILIOPOULOS (23:51) and Zoe VOM (25:46). May your new PBs be short-lived!

Don't forget your barcode! #dfyb


No barcode, no result, no exceptions

This week's results include eighteen "Unknown" participants. This is because they forgot their barcode.

Printed barcodes are used at all parkrun events globally to record your results. Unfortunately, our barcode scanners can't scan mobile phone or smart watch screens . You can collect and print your barcode from Alternatively, you can order your barcode on a laser engraved silicone wristband from Bent Logic. We are strict with regard to this policy as we process over 100,000 results every weekend and if we were to relax our approach it would increase the amount of work for our volunteers.

If you'd like to learn more about the history of the printed barcode at parkrun and why this policy is in place, take a listen to the special No barcode, no result, no exceptions episode of the excellent Free, Weekly, Timed podcast.

Thanks to this week's volunteers

Every parkrun event relies on volunteers and volunteering is a wonderful way to make friends, feel great and have fun. We're very grateful to everyone who's volunteered at Coburg parkrun in the past.

This weekend's community event was brought to you by fourteen wonderful volunteers. Thank you to: Malcolm BARON, Tracy COLBERT, Maria CRAWFORD, Elliott DENNY, Fleur DOUY, Arden FRASER, Damien MURRAY, Leanne MURRAY, Clare REDDROP, Jamie ROSSATO, Toby ROSSATO, Angus SMALL, Roger SMALL and Callen TROTTER.

If you'd like to help, please take a look at the Future Roster page and drop our volunteer co-ordinator an email with the date(s) on which you'd like to volunteer.

Please visit our FAQ to learn all about volunteering at parkrun.

Did you know we have a Virtual Volunteer App?

New run club members

Milestone t-shirts: a new process

Congratulations to the following who earned themselves a new club shirt this weekend:

  • Anita MOY and Sophie KERITZ joined the 50 Club

Running Clubs

Coburg parkrun welcomes all running clubs to participate at our events.

This week we welcomed participants registered with the following clubs: Melbourne University ACCoburg HarriersShepparton Runners ClubGlenhuntly ACMerri Creek Running ClubPlatypus Running ClubTerrigal TrottersCrosbie CrewMINERs (Melbourne Inner North Eastern Runners)Running Medical MumsNorthside Running GroupGirraween ACAchilles Running Club MelbourneTortoise RacingSQUADRUN and Fanthropy Running Club.

Can I run with my dog?

We welcome participants with dogs at Coburg parkrun.

Please note that we only allow one dog per participant and that the welfare of that animal remains your responsibility throughout your parkrun visit.

Your dog must be under firm control at all times, either on a short lead or a harness with a short lead, and take extreme care to avoid coming into contact with other participants.

It is not permitted to run with a pram and a dog at the same time.

Remember, you cannot register your dog, or any other animal, with us - parkrun is for humans only.

Do you know how hot is too hot for your dog?

Further information and advice about participating with a dog can be found on the parkrun website.

Coburg parkrun Facts and Figures

This week 201 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 41 were first timers and 35 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 17 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 14 volunteers:

Arden FRASER • Clare REDDROP • Damien MURRAY • Leanne MURRAY • Roger SMALL • Malcolm BARON • Maria CRAWFORD • Jamie ROSSATO • Toby ROSSATO • Elliott DENNY • Fleur DOUY • Tracy COLBERT • Angus SMALL • Callen TROTTER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Coburg parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Rhydian COWLEY who recorded a time of 15:33 on 18th August 2018 (event number 174).
The female record is held by Lisa WEIGHTMAN who recorded a time of 16:18 on 18th May 2019 (event number 215).
The Age Grade course record is held by Lisa WEIGHTMAN who recorded 93.87% (16:18) on 18th May 2019 (event number 215).

Coburg parkrun started on 16th May 2015. Since then 5,012 participants have completed 24,609 parkruns covering a total distance of 123,045 km, including 4,253 new Personal Bests. A total of 456 individuals have volunteered 2,305 times.