Coburg parkrun # 249 – 01/01/2020

Happy New Year everyone!

And what a way to start the New Year! It was a beautiful morning and possibly the best way to kick-off the New Year. For me, it was certainly an amazing experience I will not likely forget in a hurry. With nearly 500 barcodes scanned and twenty volunteers helping out, it was the biggest number of runners Coburg parkrun has ever seen.

Some quick stats illustrate just how big the morning was: 485 people ran, jogged and walked the course; 231 were first timers; 51 recorded new Personal Bests; representatives of 66 different clubs took part; and of course the 20 volunteers who made the event possible.

I would like to personally thank every single person who put their hand up before the day to volunteer and those who jumped in after their run to help out. We expected a large crowd, however, I do not think anyone could have anticipated that size of crowd. It was both incredible and exciting and presented us with a monumental task to ensure each and every person received the right token and result. As such, I want to again thank you for your efforts and for bearing with me on the day, it was no mean feat and your support was integral to the success of the day.

Due to the number of people on the day, the results took a little longer than usual to process and we are still smoothing out some kinks. Thank you to everyone for your patience and if you have any questions about your results, please contact us via email or Facebook.

Once again, happy New Year everyone and thank you for joining as throughout 2019 at Coburg parkrun and celebrating the beginning of a new year with us also. We hope to see you again soon, until then, however, we hope you have fun participating in parkrun around Australia and the World.


First timers

A very warm welcome to the two hundred and thirty-one people who had their personal barcodes scanned at Coburg parkrun for the very first time today, especially those who were at parkrun for the first time: Aadhav Krish KARTHIK, Adrian SHIEL, Adrienne LIPSCOMB, Ahmed CARTER, Alan WEST, Alanna HAYNES, Alex HEDT, Alexandra BARRY, Alison MOXHAM, Amelia POTTER, Andrea DRAPER, Andrew BLACKNEY, Andrew KINCAID, Anna CONIGLIO, Annie GRAHAM, Annie MORTON, Archer BOVA, Arunan ARUMAINAYAGAM, Ashwin SHARMA, Aylaa ARUNAN, Belinda FITHIE, Belinda LIPTON, Ben INGBER, Bernadette BURKE, Bill RISTEVSKI, Blake NICHOLLS, Bourne HONEYMAN, Brendan BRADFORD, Brendan WATTY, Brendin LO, Bridie O'DONNELL, Bronwyn BRYAN, Caitlin PARKER, Callum LOW, Cameron STRACHAN, Camilla MARLEY, Candice FARRUGIA, Carly BALD, Caroline HEALY, Carolyn FRANCIS, Carolyn LAYTON, Cassandra BENNETT, Chris LAING, Chris O'BRIEN, Christian ROGERS, Clare BARRY, Collin LI, Craig RENKIN, Dale MENZ, Daniel SULLIVAN, Danielle BRYAN, Danielle LOCKHART, Dean MEHMET, Deb SHUFFLER, Dennis LAZAR, Devya SUNDARIGARI, Dianne PORTELLI, Diego BENITEZ, Donald MACLEOD, Dusan STOJIC, E YAP, Emily SHIN, Emma WHITE, Erich HENDRAWAN, Faisal AHMAD, Fiona SMEATON, Fiona VANOTTI, Foyez SYED, Gemma FORDYCE, Gemma KITSON, Genevieve AHL, Georgette ALLET, Georgina TILLER, Greg ALEXANDER, Greg BERTI, Hamish RENKIN, Ingrid HOLMES, Jackki NGO, Jackson MCCOSKER, Jacqueline SHIEL, Jamie CLARK, Jan ROSE, Jane BRION, Jane MACLEOD, Jeanette AITKEN, Jennelle MARSHALL, Jennifer HORTE, Jesse HIGGINSON, Jessica DAY, Jo ELLIOTT, Jo PAPPAS, Jodie PAULIN, Jon LIPTON, Jon PAPADIMITRIOU, Jordan BRYAN, Joshua LAYTON, Joshua SEE, Judy STREET, Julia WANG, Julie CONNOLLY, Justine MORRIS, Karen ANSON, Karla BARRETT, Kate LYNN, Katherine MCKERNAN, Kathryn TOMASIC, Kelly HENDERSON, Kelly SHARP, Kevin MAHON, Kieran FITZGERALD, Kristie BARLOW, Kylie TARGETT, Lachlan FITZGERALD, Lance SINCLAIR, Lauren YOUNG, Laurence GUTTMANN, Leah WILLIAMS, Lee BOVA, Leigh MCKERNAN, Lennie LATHAM, Liam SMITH, Lina PAPA, Linda DOUGHTY, Lisa LETIC, Louis COAD, Lucas BECK, Luke DOXEY, Lyndon STOREY, Lynne TICEHURST, M SMITH, Maggie ARMSTRONG, Mara LAZAR, Marcus VG, Marilyn SENDECKYJ, Mark HIBBARD, Mark MAYOR, Mary WATTY, Mathew WESTGARTH, Matthew AITKEN, Matthew CONROY, Matthew LAYTON, Matthew RICHARDSON, Meg LITTLER, Melissa GRANDEMANGE, Merril LOCKHART, Michael HUNT, Michelle TREWIN, Natasha DOWTON, Natasha ELKINGTON, Nathan BATTENALLY, Neil MCVEY, Nicola WRIGHT, Nicole MACMILLAN, Noah BURGESS, Olivia BLACKNEY, Olivia MORRIS, Olivia WARREN, Paige JOHNSTONE-MCCLOUD, Patrick NOONAN, Paul BARRY, Paul BURGESS, Paul CHACKO, Paul D'AGATA, Paul MCDONALD, Penelope BENNETT, Peter BEARSLEY, Peter HENRY, Peter SYME, Phil LLOYD, Philip BARRETT, Philip GORNIAK, Philippa MCKIERNAN, Rachael FRASER, Ramana THIRUMOORTHY, Rayne MOXHAM, Rebecca DUTKOWSKI, Reuben BURGESS, Riss LEUNG, Rob FOLLETT, Robert Andrew MILLS, Robyn MCCAUSLAND, Roderick HOFFMAN, Ron TAIT, Rosalie STAVELY, Ross CALDOW, Ruth LITTLER, Sally-Anne GARDNER, Sarah LITTLER, Sarah NICHOLSON, Shane DRAPER, Shelley DEWERSON-BOGUE, Simon BARRIE, Simon HALLS, Simon WARREN, Sneha CHAPARALA, Sophie HONEYMAN, Sophie KING, Stephen SHEPHERD, Steve DOUGHTY, Steven SCICLUNA, Stuart CAMERON, Stuart HILTON, Stuart LITTLER, Sue SIMEONE, Susan BOND, Susan BRANDER, Susan PALMER, Tamara JOYNER, Tamlyn TUNLEY, Tane DEWERSONBOGUE, Tanya CARSON, Tarvis DEWERSON-BOGUE, Theodore GUTTMANN, Theresa COLE, Todd PALMER, Tom BURKE, Toni KELLY, Tony GUTTMANN, Tonya COOK, Trent GAUCI, Trevor TARGETT, Trithang TRAN, Tui DEWERSONBOGUE, Tyler VANOTTI, Vanesa PAICE, Vicki THOMPSON, Vin MARTIN, William (Jamie) MOXHAM, William BARLOW, Zach KEUKEN, and Zoe PAPADIMITRIOU. We hope to see you all again soon!

Personal Bests

Coburg parkrun is not a race, but many of us get great joy and motivation from a personal best. Congratulations to those fifty-one participants who completed our five kilometre course faster than ever before today: Alec HARRIS (26:52), Alex ROSENTHAL (34:57), Alicia SPITTLE (30:28), Alison GEMBAROVSKI (26:10), Amelia O'REILLY (27:50), Andrew MCGRATH (23:09), Andrew TURNER (20:18), Annie RYAN-MORISS (34:08), Brooke UNDERWOOD (41:55), Caz SMITH (40:53), Chris PITTOCK (29:36), Corrina PINKERTON (36:08), Dave CROUCH (21:27), David HAMILTON (23:58), Donald MCLAREN (28:51), Dugal WALLACE (26:39), Duncan KNOX (36:46), Ella PITTOCK (29:11), Elva ZHAO (31:36), Emily WARDROP (42:38), Innocent HATUNGIMANA (31:10), James THAI (18:28), John LYONS (30:30), Justin HICKIE (21:44), Karyl ARMSTRONG (24:23), Lauren PATERSON (29:10), Maisey GASPER (30:32), Mary GRAMMATOGLOU (38:01), Mitchell KEENE (25:14), Molly GASPER (28:26), Natalie VOM (32:10), Niamh HENRY (31:10), Owen TODD (19:04), Paolo VILLAFLORES (26:29), Pascale Jacqueline PETIT (27:15), Paul GRAHAM (21:03), Paula HARRIS (29:26), Phillip TURVILLE (18:39), Phoebe MYATT (36:36), Prasanna DE SILVA (29:03), Russell DALTON (18:54), Sahitra SERAN (34:34), Sakura KEENE (31:23), Sam CALABRESE (21:43), Samantha REID (32:37), Samual DUNCAN (24:15), Sarah PARKIN (26:23), Scott KEENE (27:12), Steven MACKENZIE (22:58), Stuart ARMSTRONG (23:05) and Tim BRYANT (15:58). May your new PBs be short-lived!

Age Category Records

It's pretty special to set a new benchmark for your age category. Today we saw this happen and we want to celebrate it.

  • Tim BRYANT set a new VM35-39 record of 00:15:58 (84.24 %)

Very well done indeed!

Don't forget your barcode! #dfyb


No barcode, no result, no exceptions

This week's results include twenty-one "Unknown" participants. This is because they forgot their barcode.

Printed barcodes are used at all parkrun events globally to record your results. Unfortunately, our barcode scanners can't scan mobile phone or smart watch screens . You can collect and print your barcode from Alternatively, you can order your barcode on a laser engraved silicone wristband from Bent Logic. We are strict with regard to this policy as we process over 100,000 results every weekend and if we were to relax our approach it would increase the amount of work for our volunteers.

If you'd like to learn more about the history of the printed barcode at parkrun and why this policy is in place, take a listen to the special No barcode, no result, no exceptions episode of the excellent Free, Weekly, Timed podcast.

Thanks to this week's volunteers

Every parkrun event relies on volunteers and volunteering is a wonderful way to make friends, feel great and have fun. We're very grateful to everyone who's volunteered at Coburg parkrun in the past.

This weekend's community event was brought to you by twenty wonderful volunteers. Thank you to: Zoe ASHER, Penelope BARLOW, April BARLOW, Jonathan CHOONG, Deb DENNY, Elliott DENNY, Marcus DENNY, Suzanne DOIG, Bruce DOIG, Rebecca DUFFY, Clare FLEMING, Arden FRASER, Rebecca KIRBY, Christian KNOX, Michael MCCLARE, Janine MYERS, Ashley Robert PEACOCK, Chris PITTOCK, Clare REDDROP and Keith STEPHENS.

If you'd like to help, please take a look at the Future Roster page and drop our volunteer co-ordinator an email with the date(s) on which you'd like to volunteer.

Please visit our FAQ to learn all about volunteering at parkrun.

Did you know we have a Virtual Volunteer App?

Running Clubs

Coburg parkrun welcomes all running clubs to participate at our events.

This week we welcomed participants registered with the following clubs: Love the RunCrosbie CrewVictorian Masters AthleticsCoburg HarriersSpringfield Striders RCEastern Suburbs ACGetitdone ClubPoint Cook RunnersKathmandu Trail Run ClubLalor Running ClubCollingwood HarriersHobson's Bay Running ClubMelbourne Midday MilersMove 2 ImproveMerri Creek Running ClubDinneen RunnersSouth Melbourne ACPatterson River RunnersAthletics EssendonRanelagh HarriersWesterfoldiansRed and Black RunningBishops Stortford RCGreensborough Tri ClubMalvern Harriers ACVictorian Cross Country LeagueBangkok Patana School BangkokDefence Athletics ClubSouth Bank Triathlon ClubTeam TelstraMarathon Club IrelandEltham Triathlon and Open Water ClubTXR RunnersGunn RunnersSpeedy GeeseCarnegie HarriersDerek Zoolander Centre for Kids Who Can't Run GoodEaling Eagles Running ClubRUN DOWN UNDERDiamond Creek RunnersMelton City RunnersVictorian Road RunnersWynfitAchilles Running Club MelbourneKramerica Industries: Running DivisionBritish Airways ACfive30runnersMedibank parkrun clubAustralian Chinese Running GroupOperation MoveWonthaggi Road RunnersPitreavie AACRunning Mums AustraliaHamilton Road Runners IncThe Auckland YMCA Marathon Club IncBurnley Runners#RunLikeAGirlAuckland Joggers Inc.Melbourne Trail RunnersGazelles, Run Groups for WomenFanthropy Running ClubVictorian Ultra RunnersLysterfield Trail Runners and Australian Ultra Runners Association.

Can I run with my dog?

We welcome participants with dogs at Coburg parkrun.

Please note that we only allow one dog per participant and that the welfare of that animal remains your responsibility throughout your parkrun visit.

Your dog must be under firm control at all times, either on a short lead or a harness with a short lead, and take extreme care to avoid coming into contact with other participants.

It is not permitted to run with a pram and a dog at the same time.

Remember, you cannot register your dog, or any other animal, with us - parkrun is for humans only.

Do you know how hot is too hot for your dog?

Further information and advice about participating with a dog can be found on the parkrun website.

Coburg parkrun Facts and Figures

This week 485 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 231 were first timers and 51 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 66 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Ashley Robert PEACOCK • Arden FRASER • Suzanne DOIG • Rebecca DUFFY • Rebecca KIRBY • April BARLOW • Deb DENNY • Clare REDDROP • Marcus DENNY • Michael MCCLARE • Keith STEPHENS • Zoe ASHER • Chris PITTOCK • Jonathan CHOONG • Janine MYERS • Christian KNOX • Elliott DENNY • Penelope BARLOW • Clare FLEMING • Bruce DOIG

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Coburg parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Rhydian COWLEY who recorded a time of 15:33 on 18th August 2018 (event number 174).
The female record is held by Lisa WEIGHTMAN who recorded a time of 16:18 on 18th May 2019 (event number 215).
The Age Grade course record is held by Lisa WEIGHTMAN who recorded 93.87% (16:18) on 18th May 2019 (event number 215).

Coburg parkrun started on 16th May 2015. Since then 4,899 participants have completed 24,016 parkruns covering a total distance of 120,080 km, including 4,168 new Personal Bests. A total of 453 individuals have volunteered 2,268 times.