Christmas and New Year events

Hi Folks,

Cleland will not be hosting extra events for Christmas or New Years, I'm afraid.

The main reason is that our permit includes a clause that we cancel on days of Total Fire Ban. Being in the middle of summer, there is a reasonable chance this may happen. Rather than having any last minute issues, we will instead be supporting the other parkrun events around SA that choose to run. Check the guide for details as to which events are hosting extras.

Last year, I made it to Clare for a run on Christmas Eve - with the pooch, for her first parkrun! - and joined the festivities there, en route to family in the country.

Jon Rosie Clare Valley

Last New Years Day, I went out to the Mount Barker - Strathalbyn double; a great morning with a (then) PB at Mt B, watched Kent Baraglia do Mt B, run to Strath, then do Strath for a 'long run' start to New Year, and got to see quite a few folks and start 2017 off right!

It's a great time of year to fit in a few runs when many of us get downtime. I'm likely to try for the Mawson Lakes - Carisbrooke double, or maybe Aldinga - Christies, depending on who does what! Keep an eye on the compendium for updates, and have a chat with us close to the day; be great to get a 'Cleland on tour' group happening!!

- Jon