Chermside parkrun will be cancelled on Sept 12th and Oct 24th

Greetings Chermside parkrunners!

I wish this could be a more positive first-up posting, but its important we get this information out to you as early as possible.

Due to other events using the park, we will be cancelled on September 12th and October 24th. Yes unfortunately, and so soon after launching, but this was one of the risks we accepted when getting permission to use 7th Brigade Park for parkrun - other park bookings.

On September 12th, the Army's 7th Brigade is celebrating their 100th anniversary - in 7th Brigade Park! - and are having an open day.

On October 24th, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation will be setting up in preparation for their annual walk on Sunday October 25th.

Currently, these are the only 2 events from now until the end of the year for which we will need to cancel. For smaller events using the Kidspace area, we have an alternate route planned at our start/finish area to try to avoid the other event. But for larger events that use more of the park or use the same pathway as us, we don't have an alternate route and we must cancel.

So apologies for this bit of bad news, but its an issue we would've needed to raise eventually, so perhaps its good it happened early in the life of Chermside parkrun so you are all aware of it. Hopefully we won't need to cancel too often due to other events, but it will happen from time to time and we will do our best to give plenty of warning beforehand.

In more positive news - its only 3 weeks until our launch!!  Can't wait!

Happy parkrunning!
The Chermside parkrun team.