Central Lakes parkrun #162 – 19 January 2018

parkrunners you bring a smile to our faces every Saturday!

A huge thank you to all our volunteers this morning Tina KIRWAN • Terri FAIRHURST • Alan CURTIS • Margot DANIELS • Molly ATKINS • Levi KIRWAN • Zach KIRWAN • Kaye MAAS • Alexia ROGERSON • Rosalyn KEMP • Levi CURTIS • Tracey RAMSAY • Hannah KNIGHT • Warren WILLIAMS

A warm welcome to all our tourists and first timers. We love seeing so many people - 193 this week - enjoying their Saturday mornings at parkrun! 45 of your managed new PB's - congratulations!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, see you next Saturday for our Australia Day parkun!!

Results are here: http://www.parkrun.com.au/centrallakes/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=162