Castlemaine parkrun is cancelled on 2021-10-30 – Due to current COVID-19 restrictions

COVID-19 Special Update

Two parkrun volunteers wearing facemasks

In the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19 restrictions, we are asking all parkrunners to check their local conditions before leaving for parkrun this weekend.

If you have visited the Greater Brisbane area recently, please have a COVID test as soon as possible.


Restarting parkrun

We are so pleased that parkrun returns to Castlemaine on Saturday under the new Covid-19 framework. This post gives a lot of detail about how we'll operate.
For contact tracing purposes every Victorian parkrun will display a unique QR code each Saturday morning, at various locations at the event. This is shown below. The QR code will also be available on each event’s social media channels and website so you can check in before leaving home, in your car, at or after the event. We ask that all volunteers and participants check in each week. The Department knows that parkrun operates ~8-9am on Saturday so it is ok for you to check in before or after the event. You do not need to bring a phone to parkrun.
We'd also ask all participants to review the codes below for runners, walkers and volunteers. The most important part of these codes is that if you are unwell, please stay at home, do not attend parkrun.
If you are new to parkrun, welcome. We are a free, community wellbeing event. We are not a race. We welcome everyone.
*We will conduct a first-timer briefing at 7.50am at the playground/BBQ area of the Botanic Gardens, so you can find out how it all works.
*We will conduct a short main briefing near the start/finish area at 7.55am. This will contain safety information only and we urge all participants to be present and attentive. We aim to start as close to 8am as we can.
*We will not be celebrating milestones, visitors or making any other announcements during the briefing. This is to minimise the time that people are in close contact. We know these are important parts of our community and will do our best to acknowledge these on social media and in our run report. If you are celebrating a milestone, please feel free to dress up or enjoy your achievement in your own way.
*We will be expanding the start area and encouraging people to spread out. We will also be actively suggesting that people self seed according to finish times. We will have some volunteers to try and help you position yourselves for the start to avoid congestion. This may mean that you take a few extra seconds to cross the start line.
* During the event, participants should walk, jog or run with an aim of making use of all available space and minimizing the amount of time in close proximity to each other. Please respect other park users, be kind and please, no spitting or high-fiving.
* Once you come through the flags at the finish line, the finish token volunteer will drop the token into your hands so there is no contact. Please hold your token and barcode out for the scanners to scan and then drop the token into the bucket provided to be washed. Please remember to bring along your printed barcode; we cannot use or store barcodes in the roladex as we used to do.
*The run director will have the folder with the volunteer roster, feel free to have a talk about volunteering in the coming weeks.
*Most importantly, we want parkrun to be a fun, happy environment. See you there!

QR Code for Castlemaine parkrun check-in

parkrun QR code

Please scan this QR code before on the way to or after each parkrun to help the Victorian Government with contact tracing.


Castlemaine parkrunners Honour Board 2 of 2 – parkrunner of the month

Honour Board for Castlemaine parkrunner of the Month
An award to recognise commitment, improvement, persistence and other community-based ideals of parkrun.

Angela Mitten - June
Shane Renfrey - July
Craig Marshall - August
Dianne Cox - September
Chris Timewell - October
Maree Matheson - November
Glen Taylor - December

Christine Barker - January
Prue Robertson - February
Gary Chapman - March
Gary Schurr - April
Joanne Kepsner - May
Brianna Brown - June
Richard Mayes - July
Tony Greaves – August
Lauren Barker – September
Julie Hough – October
Karina Taylor - November
Patricia Barrett - December

Yvonne Welch – January
Tyrone Rice – February
Geoff, Donna, Henry, Daniel and Bessie Faircloth - March
Dave Petrusma - April
Robin Murdoch - May
Caroline Bellair - June
Steve Harris - July
Helen Curran - August
Donna Petrusma - September
George Targett - October
Mai Hill - November
Ronder Clayton - December

Raewyn Rice - January
Luke Kneebone - February
Judy Hill - March
Andrew Bos - April
Warrick Clarke - May
Colin Moore - June
Travis Barnes - July
Nicki Renfrey - August
Vicki Kerin - September
Michael Constable - October
Tony Radford - November
Simon Gearing - December

Fiona Harris - January
Christine Christie - February
Michael Farr - March

As at 13 April 2019


Castlemaine parkrunners Honour Board 1 of 2 – milestoners

Honour Board for Castlemaine Parkrunner milestones
Last Updated 13 April 2019

Zedekiah Marshall              Jack Maddern              Annabel Weiss
Madeleine Springate          Angus Mayes               Alex Welch
Joe Flexmore                     Henry Faircloth            Daniel Faircloth
Rosie Jarvis                       Tobiah Marshall           George Targett
Harper Kneebone              William Haslam            Luke Matheson
Bessie Faircloth                 Raphael Nelms            Jye Matheson
Sebastian Streat                Charlotte Streat           Sophie Mayes
Hamish McLoughlan          Tai Kerin                      Clementine Nelms
Akira Hill

Chris Timewell                   Ruth Anley                   Libby Mayes
Gary Schurr                       Ellissia Campbell          Karina Taylor
Dave Petrusma                  Richard Mayes             Tony Greaves
Ronda Clayton                   Nicki Renfrey

Shane Renfrey                   Dianne Cox                    Prue Robertson
Jason Hull                          Maree Matheson            Nicki Renfrey
Michael Constable              Raewyn Rice                 Karina Taylor
Richard Mayes                   Tony Greaves                 Lisa Minster
Christine Barker                 Angela Mitten                 Donna Petrusma
Gavin Vanstone                  Stephen Walls                Lisa Minchin
Glen Taylor                         Tyrone Rice                    Gabrielle Bertoni-Marshall
Patricia Barrett                   Nathan Rice                   Joanne Kepsner
Yvonne Welch                    Craig Marshall                Gary Chapman
Robin Murdoch                   Ellissia Campbell           Adam Scoles
Sheree Scoles                    Chris Timewell               Adelynne Chapman
Julie Hough                        Luke Kneebone              Kaitlyn Hough
Brianna Brown                   Steve Parsons                Jenni Thomson
Steve Harris                       Michael Farr                    Zedekiah Marshall
Henry Faircloth                   Lisa Kitson                     Ronder Clayton
Gary Schurr                       Anthony Nicholas           Dave Petrusma
Libby Mayes                      Lauren Barker                Carolyn Tavener
Jane Harding                     Ben James                     Bec Waddington
Lindsay Callaway               Lachlan Hough               George Targett
Peter Hill                            Paul Gilders                    Kerryn Healy
Lucy Phillips                       Lachlan Hough               Christine Christie
Tessa McClure                   Kim Pointon                    Karen Smith
Geoff Faircloth                    Angus Mayes                 Jodi Oakman
Daniel Faircloth                  Fiona Harris                    Carmen Pace
Judy Hill                            Mai Hill                            Tony di Lorenzo
Bessie Faircloth                 Felicity Brown

Shane Renfrey                  Michael Constable          Jason Hull
Prue Robertson                Raewyn Rice                   Angela Mitten
Lisa Minster                      Maree Matheson             Nicki Renfrey
Donna Petrusma              Dianne Cox                     Tyrone Rice
Stephen Walls                  Nathan Rice                    Christine Barker
Karina Taylor                    Lisa Minchin                    Tony Greaves
Glen Taylor                       Robin Murdoch               Richard Mayes
Patricia Barrett                 Chris Timewell                 Craig Marshall
Gary Chapman                 Gavin Vanstone               Julie Hough
Adelynne Chapman         Rond Clayton                   Gabrielle Bertoni-Marshall
Michael Farr

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