New to parkrun?


New to parkrun?

Here's some handy info for any of our newer parkrunners, or those people thinking about joining us, but aren't quite there yet... Are you new to parkrun? Check out the beginners guide: here

Want to help us out and volunteer. Check out the future roster

Contact us at Capalaba parkrun

Want to get the most out of Capalaba parkrun? Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you've registered, printed out your barcode and brought it with you. Without it you don't get an official time!
  • Arrive in time for the weekly run brief, it may contain important safety information
  • Don't leave with your finish token, it's ours! It's on short-term loan to you from the finish line until you hand it to the barcode scanner (whether you're registered or not).
  • Only cross the finish line once! Seems obvious, but it happens regularly.
  • Similar to above, if you haven't run the full 5km course, please don't cross the finish line. Our volunteers are pretty awesome but we stop short of asking them to be mind-readers.
  • If someone appears to need assistance, ask them if they're ok. Your run is important, but a fellow-parkrunners well-being is more important. I'm sorry, but it is!
  • Running is important business, far too important to be taken seriously - have fun! Celebrate your achievements and those of others, if you're going to come to Capalaba you don't really have much choice anyway, we just need a hint of an opportunity to celebrate and we're into it...get on board!
  • "parkrun" - always one word, always lower case. :)


Pre-run brief each week


  • If it's your first time to Capalaba parkrun please come a little bit early as the first timers briefing is at 6:45am.
  • Then the pre-run briefing is at 6:50am. It includes any Capalaba parkrun news and important safety information each week.
  • Follow our facebook page for more up to date information