CRp re-opening on All Hallows Eve.

We've got all our bats in a row, brushed the cobwebs from the equipment vault and have a cauldron full of mixed metaphors.
Saturday 31st October at CRp, there will be hordes of covid zombies emerging from the wood works as mushy brains forget names but friends will be met and relationships rekindled.
The roster is looking healthy but we are always on the prowl for more heroes, just like you.
In fact, we could consume up to 6 barcode scanners this week (COVID requirements, please familiarise yourself).
Insert evil maniacal laugh here.
Zombie Roster

October 24th – Event Cancellation

We were prepared to return with the introduction of Phase 5 but since it's delay we have been teased by the back and forth between parkrun HQ and WA Health as many of you may have noticed.
Now at what feels like the last minute we are advised to seek more approvals from landowners and tick some more check-boxes, something we were not prepared for.
So, disappointingly, we feel the best course of action is to cancel this week while we continue with the approval process and will be back when ALL parties involved are completely satisfied with the new covid safe arrangements to be put in place..
In the meantime we encourage our runners and walkers to get out, enjoy a run in the park and meet up with a small group of friends just as you would on any given parkrunday. We also strongly discourage parkrun tourism to the few events that may be able to run as this would put undue pressure on an already stressed and possibly crowded location, something we have done so well to avoid over the last 7 months.
Please be patient and remember the event team here at CRp have your health and well-being foremost in our minds.


6th “Australiana” Anniversary Event

Aug 2013 Vollies

G'day parkies, just a quick reminder that Canning River parkrun's 6th birthday is this Saturday 1st June and we are having an "Australiana" themed event, chucking a few pacers on the course and hopefully celebrating some big milestones. While we have all the volunteers we need to go ahead, there is still plenty of pacer vests available. Please message us to reserve a vest or grab whatever is remaining on the day.
See you's all there for what we're sure will be a big event and great beginning to your weegend


parkrun Day Tomorrow

It's parkrun day tomorrow and we are very pleased to announce that the vollie roster is full for the next three parkruns!  Thanks to everyone who put their name down to volunteer.

Please make sure that you arrive early tomorrow so that you have time to park. While parking, please drive on the grass and not on the bike path. (Conversely when you are walking to the start line, please use the path and leave the grass for the cars.) Also give the parking attendants a big thank you because they will be working hard to get the cars through the gate as smoothly as possible.

See you in the morning!


Festive season parkruns

If you fancy a parkrun on Christmas Day or New Years Day we can provide!

On Christmas Day you can parkrun at Claisebrook Cove (Facebook event details), usual time of 8am.

On New Years Day you can parkrun at Canning River (Facebook event details) or you can head south to Rockingham parkrun (Facebook event details), again, both usual time of 8am.

Yes! These are official parkruns, so they will count towards your 50, 100 and 250 tshirts and the end of year points tables.

No! Each parkrun will operate these bonus runs a bit differently but definitely at Canning River parkrun we will not have the full complement of volunteers. Some parkruns will run without marshals and the first finisher may be required to operate the barcode scanner.

Feel free to email any questions you have direct to your chosen parkrun or post them on the Facebook event pages.

Freedom Run at Rockingham!

There is a twilight freedom run happening at Rockingham on December 30th at 6pm. We suggest running in your swimsuit and then dashing straight into the sea at the end of the run.


#loveparkrun – October 5th 2013

International parkrun day was celebrated at Canning River parkrun with a 104 runners on a generally sunny Saturday morning. Aiden Hassan was first finisher with a 19:38 run, Paul Odam (WA Marathon Club) was second finisher with 20:11 and Jason Duryea was third finisher with 20:30, which was a 2 minute 24 second PB run for the JM14.

In the women’s placings, parkrun first timer Lisa Searle (Masters Athletics WA) was first female finisher in 21:20, Karen Patterson was second female finisher in 23:33 and Kate Murphy – also a parkrun first timer – was third female finisher two seconds later in 23:35.

Andrew Pengelly was awarded with his 100 club shirt, and Nicole Winch received her $50 parkrunner of the month voucher from the Belmont Squash and Running Centre. Nicole Winch has been to every parkrun held at Canning River parkrun and during the month of August recorded a PB with every run.

Twenty-two percent of the field achieved personal bests this week. Notables include Mynn Maarof and Matt Tilling who both finished in 37:46, lopping from their Sep 28th times 9 minutes 13 seconds and 10 minutes 25 seconds respectively. Felicia Singkang was paced by Rowena Singkang to a PB of 37:49. Kerry Jones finished with a PB of 38:02, which is an improvement of 3 minutes 21 seconds. Melissa Hansen recorded a new PB of 37:00, which is 2 minutes 37 seconds off her previous time. Stephen Herbert managed his third PB in a row, finishing in 22:48.

On the male points table, Abdul-Raouf Mohamed-Isa is top of the leaderboard with 1577 points. Grant Langford is second with 1538 points and Dan Baldwin close behind on 1532 points. Andrew Pengelly is 4th with 1334 points and Joseph Stephens is the highest junior male parkrunner with 1291 points. On the women’s points table Carolyn Stephens is first with 1540 points, Natalie Wells second with 1400 points, Delia Baldock third with 1219 points and Theresa Dewse fourth with 1195 points. Coming in in 5th place is Tania Baldwin with 1153 points. Highest junior female on the points table is Lize Bartels in 45th place with 495 points.

During this week’s run briefing we were advised by Geoff Moore from City of Canning council that with the warming temperatures the turtle population of the Canning River Regional Park are on the move and that runners need to keep an eye out for the slow moving four legged trip hazards.

Canning River parkrunners should remember that the run is now operating on a strict “no barcode – no time” basis, as per regular parkrun policy. Runners need to remember to bring their barcode to parkrun. If your barcode does not scan for any reason (too sweaty, dodgy printing, etc) then your result will be manually entered when the results are processed, otherwise your time will appear in the official results as Unknown Athlete.

Canning River parkrun is a free, timed 5km run held every Saturday morning at 8am in the Canning River Regional Park. The start finish area is accessible from Kent Street in Wilson, near the Canning River Cafe. parkrun Australia is sponsored by Suncorp Bank, Stockland and adidas. Canning River parkrun is also sponsored by the City of Canning.



Colour me purple – event 17 – September 28th

On a predominantly purple morning the 17th running of Canning River parkrun saw a record breaking 123 people take part. It was Support the Dockers day at Canning River but there was the odd non-purple jersey out there (Yes, Kai Metzner, your full Hawthorn kit, minus footy boots was noted.)

The route of last week’s course was decided in record time last Saturday morning by Run Director Adrian Kenny because the Greenfield Street Bridge was undergoing urgent repairs and maintenance. Because the bridge looks like it will be out of action until at least October 11th, during the week a slightly revised version of this course was measured out by this weekend’s Run Director Jeremy Savage. The revised B course runs almost entirely the other side of the river, and the start line is at the very end of the boardwalk area of the weir bridge. The finish line has been moved from the left of the trees at the end of the weir bridge to the other side of the gazebo area and includes a quick dash along the path to the Castledare railway ticket booth and back along the grass.

Out of the 31 personal bests this weekend we had Carolyn Stephens crack the sub 27 minute mark with a 26:50, assisted by a brilliant pacing job by her son Joseph who came in one second ahead of her. Carolyn also managed to take the VW55-59 age category record with this run. Kem Hassan (Masters Athletics WA) managed a new PB by one second coming in at 26:26, Christine Erbe managed her fifth PB on the trot with a time of 30:00, taking 8 seconds off her previous best, Felicia Singkang cracked sub 39 minutes with a 38:42 run while Melissa Sammut matched her current PB with a same time finish of 34:54. Richard Story cracked sub 20 minutes with a 19:53 run and Siony Kemp managed a great PB, knocking almost 5 minutes of her previous PB and finishing in 48:23.

First finished this week was Kai Metzner in 17:55, Oli Stenning came in second finisher in 18:45 and Nic Taylor chased them in in 19:13. In the women’s placings, Tracey Horton (WA Marathon Club) managed her 7th first female finisher position in 22:35, Kelly Robinson was second female finisher in 23:53 and Katie Hartrick was two seconds behind Kelly in 23:55 taking third female finisher.

Kai’s run this week gave him the JM15-19 age category record for Canning River. It’s interesting to note that Kai’s final JM14 run in Event 14 gave him both the JM14 age category record as well as the course overall age category record scored at 83.93%. It also makes him the only person on the age category record board at Canning River to hold two age category records at the same time.

Special mention this week should go to Aiden Hassan who came in fourth overall and first JM14 in his first ever parkrun. We had a sterling effort by Jen MacTaggart (WA Marathon Club) pushing a pram for a 24:42 finish time. Emma Dear reinforced her sub 40 minute-ness with a 39:29, her second week running with a sub 40 minute time.


No barcode = no time

Because it looks like we’ll be regularly getting over 100 parkrunners each week we’ll be enforcing the “no barcode, no time” rule from Event 18 onwards. This means that as long as you turn up with your athlete barcode (it doesn’t matter how torn, sweaty or ill-printed it is) you will receive an official time. If your barcode does not scan then we will enter your finish position into the results system manually, but if you leave your barcode at home your time will appear in the results attributed to Unknown Athlete. Please note that barcodes cannot be scanned from smartphones by the parkrun barcode scanner, so it is imperative that you have a printed version of your barcode.

When you print your barcode you are taken to a page that has six copies of it. If you print this page you could keep a copy of your barcode in your wallet, another in your car glove box, perhaps a third in your mobile phone protective case and some industrious people slide a spare barcode underneath the inner sole of their running shoes. Alternatively you can buy a plastic token from Bentlogic that has your athlete number on it and you can put it on your key ring or attach it to your running shoes. The plastic token also goes through the wash more successfully than your average paper barcode does!

International parkrun day!

Next week we will be celebrating International parkrun day! The first weekend in October always celebrates the anniversary of the first ever parkrun held at Bushy park in London on October 2nd 2004. There were 13 runners at the first ever parkrun, and now we regularly get over 40,000 parkrunners every Saturday worldwide, and we have over 670,000 runners registered. As a part of the celebrations we’d like people to embrace the concept of “Last parkrunner Standing” where all the parkrunners stay at the finish area until the last parkrunner has crossed the line, with more and more people cheering them home. To help encourage people to stay we have some intrepid bakers who will be plying us with tasty treats. If you’d like to add to the carbohydrate mix feel free to bake some goodies or bring down something to barbeque on the hotplates at the finish line.

On a slightly sad note we were trying to get some footage of the start for the international parkrun day videos but the camera we were using disappeared from its perch. If anyone saw a yellow and black small sports video camera and thought it was a lost and found item can they please return it to Jeremy.

Canning River parkrun is a free, timed 5km run held every Saturday morning at 8am in the Canning River Regional Park. The start finish area is accessible from Kent Street in Wilson, near the Canning River Cafe. parkrun Australia is sponsored by Suncorp Bank, Stockland and adidas. Canning River parkrun is also sponsored by the City of Canning.



Announcing the start of Canning River parkrun

Canning River parkrun starts 1 June 2013

We are delighted to announce the launch of Canning River parkrun on 1st June 2013, 8am at Canning River Regional Park. We hope you'll be able to join us for the launch and a coffee afterwards at the Canning River Café!

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