Canning River parkrun # 276 – 25/08/2018

Please forgive a personal note to start this week’s report … THANK YOU Canning River parkrun community, two years on your Event Team has been just amazing and I can’t think of a better way to slink off into “retirement” than sharing RD duties with my son! An extra special thank you to my fellow Event Team members, past a present, my true love of parkrun has been nurtured by volunteering along-side you all, ❤️MK

Sensational conditions this morning (admittedly with a little chill in the air!) welcomed participants to Canning River parkrun Event #276. Many thanks to our very expert crew of vollies, namely Douglas B, Kiara & Michelle B, Ian C, Mason, Jeff & Kaylee C, Ramesh D, Russell F, Cliff H, Mark & Oliver K, Julie & Kimberleigh K, Jan M, and Anne & Ella Y (wow, we love seeing families vollie together!!).

Today 191 people ran, jogged and walked the course, with 7 first timers including 3 first-time parkrunners, welcome. A big hello to Paul B from Cardiff, we hope you enjoyed the event. Additionally, congratulations to those 28 of you who recorded a new Canning River PB, way to get the weekend started. Finally, huge high-fives to new milestone club members, Sarah N (10), CRp Run Director Jordina Q (50) and Melanie M (100), great work team!

Results have been processed, emails will be winging their way and the photos will be uploaded over the weekend. Enjoy the sunshine and we’ll see you all next week - same time, same place. #loveparkrun


Event #273 – 4 August 2018

Families of all shapes and sizes are welcome at Canning River parkrun and we thank this beautiful family for stopping by !!

Somewhat wintery conditions cleared just in time for 07:50 and Event #273 was undertaken in mostly dry and intermittently sunny conditions supported by an outstanding crew of expert vollies, thank you Zoe & Lee B, Rachel C, Ross DB, Dana F, Donna H, Sarah J, Kithsiri J, Chris K, Mark & Ngaio K, Brendan & Madison M, Robert M, Martin M, Graham U, William W.

Today 101 participants braved the weather, of whom 3 were first timers at Canning River including 2 first-time parkrunners, what a day to start your parkrun journey! Congratulations to new 50 club members Narelle H, Charlene H, Jeff C and Craig N and also to Vince G for completing his 200th parkrun today. It was pacer day as well today and high-fives to the 13 of you who achieved a Canning River PB, awesome work assisted by our heroes in orange - Graeme W, Richard L, Andrew P and Bronwyn M

Results have been processed, emails will be winging their way and photos will be up over the weekend. Stay dry, enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you all again next week.


Event #270 – 14 July 2018

Even though parkrun had rain in it the rain did not dampen the hopes of our runners and walkers. Many thanks to our 16 awesome volunteers that were all kids today (except Sarah!) - Oliver K, Talia J, Kale G, Sarah J, Dylan G, Alyssa C, Alexis C, Esther J, Molly M, Kian H, Karin H, Ellen H, Kylie H, Jodielyn S M, Nathaniel G and Cameron M.

This week 171 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 8 were first timers and 24 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 6 different clubs took part.

A big congratulations to our milestone parkrunners today. We had 4 10-clubbers - Esther J and Jessica, Rebekah & Amy G, and 3 50-clubbers Keeley & Elizabeth P and Corrine W. (Thanks for the cake!)

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Canning River parkrun Results Page.

Canning River parkrun started on 1st June 2013. Since then 5,388 participants have completed 51,238 parkruns covering a total distance of 256,190 km, including 8,618 new Personal Bests.


Event #265 – 9 June 2018

With winter(ish) conditions returning to us we give a big high-5 to a wonderful group of volunteers who made Canning River parkrun Event #265 happen – thank you Sho A, Phil C-P, Jodie E, Mia G, Trevor V A, Chris K, Julie K, Paul M, Martin M, Paul O, Rachel O, David P, Preston P, Graham U, Zali V A and Izabella V A, outstanding work!

Today 213 hardy souls ventured out with 14 first timers at Canning River including 6 first-time parkrunners, we hope you enjoyed it. We had visitors from as far away as Bibra Lake, thanks for making the journey (haha), and a special welcome to the parkrun family to Mount Helena parkrun who came for look today, we can’t wait to come visit you. Finally, t-shirt milestone congratulations to Kiara B (100), Jason G (50), Sophie R-P (10) and also to Sue G (150)!

Results have been processed, emails should have arrived and the photos are up. Have a great weekend and we hope to see you again soon.


Canning River Event #261 – 12th May 2018

The results for Canning River Event #261 have been processed and should be on their way into your inboxes.

Congratulations to the following people who were celebrating milestones today:
Juniors who completed their 10th runs: Chelsea D ad Lina N, Alex L who celebrated 100 runs, and Emma WALKER who celebrated an unofficial 200 runs! Massive effort guys :)

This week 246 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 16 were first timers and 32 recorded new Personal Bests.

The event was made possible by 17 wonderful volunteers:

Michelle CROW • Joanna KENNY • Cindy CAMPBELL • Ngaio KERR • Mark KERR • Oliver KERR • Natalie MCAULIFFE • Lorraine BUIRCHELL • Madison MCAULIFFE • Sarah JAMES • Monika CAMERON • Katherine HICKS • Esther JAMES • Ian CHADWICK • Francisca DOMINGUEZ • Rikki STEWART • Clancy JAMES

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Canning River parkrun Results Page.


Event #260 – 5 May 2018

Canning River parkrun event #260 was just spectacular! A big shout out to May pacer day pacers for donning the bright orange vests and helping no fewer than 52 (of 280) parkrunners to new Canning River PBs … inspiring stuff indeed, thank you pacers! Additionally, our first class group of vollies made this morning’s event take place without a hitch, huge thanks to Tom VOAKES, Toni BURBRIDGE (and clan), Sheila MASLEN, Jodie HANSEN, Sarah JAMES, Graham UPTON, Wendy UPTON, Katherine HICKS, Julie KING, Jordina QUAIN, Debbie PHILP, Robyn MCMAHON and Will MCMAHON. Also thanks to those who put their names down to volunteer in the coming weeks, the future roster is now looking healthy.

Today we had 280 participants, of whom 16 were first timers at Canning River including 7 first-time parkrunners, welcome to the family! Thank you to our visitors as well, ranging from as far away as Cambridge in the UK to as close as Shelley, we love that you chose to come to Canning River. To top it all off, it was an out-of-this-world milestone day today and we want to give a big parkrun high-5 and congratulations to: Kim THOMAS (200), Cindy CAMPBELL (150), Madison MCAULIFFE (100, JW10, a 1m 36s PB and awesome cake, thank you so much Madison, congratulations!), Cindy WIEMAN (100), Russell SMITH (100), Crystal GLOSSOP (50), Julie KING (50 and awesome cake too … thank you as well!), Chelsea PEREIRA (10, JW10, 2m 06s PB ...congrats!!) and a special mention to Adrian KENNY, very highly esteemed former Canning River Event Director and now Shelley parkrun Event Director who completed his 100th run at Canning River today! Fantastic achievements one and all.

After a little glitch with the global results processing systems this morning the results are now up and emails should have arrived. As noted before, unfortunately we did not have anyone volunteer to be our photographer this week so there will not be any photos. Please come back again soon for your free, weekly, timed 5k fix of #loveparkrun.


Episode 26: Return To The Loop

November 30th was the 26th Canning River parkrun event and there was cause for celebration as the Greenfield St Bridge was reopened during the week, allowing us to return to our normal course.
We also had a special incentive as part of Naked November for anyone who wanted to leave the stopwatch, Garmin or iPod at home and run without gadgets.
Every parkrunner who wanted to take part in the Naked November challenge put in a gold coin and nominated a finish time. Three of the 21 who took part in the challenge ran within 13 seconds of their nominated time, with Paul Whitfield winning the money as his was the closet margin percentage.
Now for the run results.
Unfortunately the 2 guys who were out the front of the pack missed a turn and had to be excluded from the results, giving Grant LANGFORD of WA Marathon Club, the honour of being the first over the line in 18:51 - 5th time in 19 appearances. Closely following was Nic TAYLOR who was second over the line in 19:08. Allan COLTHART was third over the line in 19:40.
Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Grant LANGFORD (WA Marathon Club) 2100 pts.
Abdul-Raouf MOHAMED-ISA 2009 pts.
Dan BALDWIN 1900 pts.
Caitlin JAMESON returned to parkrun for her second run and was rewarded with being first female finisher (12th overall) over the line in 20:56.
Tracey HORTON of WA Marathon Club, was second female finisher in 22:35 - has been first to finish on 9 previous occasions.
Debbie BLAND of Baildon Runners, was third over the line in 22:55 and recorded a new age group in the VW60-64 category.
Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Carolyn STEPHENS (Unattached) 2172 pts.
Delia BALDOCK (Masters Athletics W.A. (Western Australia)) 1780 pts.
Natalie WELLS (Unattached) 1742 pts.
The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Debbie BLAND (VW60-64) was graded 83.49% for the time 22:55 (21st overall).
Aiden HASSAN (JM14) was graded 73.11% for the time 20:20 (8th overall).
Karen PATTERSON (VW50-54) was graded 71.19% for the time 23:50 (33rd overall).
Other notable performances were done by Sheila Maslen who recorded a new VW75-79 age category record with a time of 41:31, with an improvement from last week of 3 seconds.
Ash Walker has proven that a new pair of shoes does make you go faster as he recorded his 14th PB at Canning River parkrun (out of 23 appearances) and has dropped his times for the 5k run by 11 minutes since event number 1. That’s a massive effort Ash, well done!
Tania Baldwin has also shown great improvements, I wonder if the hard work Tania is putting in is helping her husband Dan Baldwin’s times?
This week there were 122 runners, of whom 16 were first timers and 30 recorded new Personal Bests. We cannot help but wonder if the return to the marked loop course assisted in the huge number of PB times, or if the hard work that everyone has been doing is the real reason.
Representatives of 6 different athletics clubs took part.
Canningriver parkrun started on 1st June 2013, and since then 578 different runners, including participants from 14 athletics clubs, have completed 2,480 runs covering a total distance of 12,400 km, and there have been 714 new Personal Bests.
The women's record is held by Jen MACTAGGART who ran in a time of 00:19:59 on 2013-07-13 (event number 7).
The men's record is held by Liam FUERY who ran in a time of 00:16:13 on 2013-09-21 (event number 16).
The Age Grade course record is held by Kai METZNER who recorded a 83.93% run (16:54) on 7th September 2013 (event number 14).


#loveparkrun – October 5th 2013

International parkrun day was celebrated at Canning River parkrun with a 104 runners on a generally sunny Saturday morning. Aiden Hassan was first finisher with a 19:38 run, Paul Odam (WA Marathon Club) was second finisher with 20:11 and Jason Duryea was third finisher with 20:30, which was a 2 minute 24 second PB run for the JM14.

In the women’s placings, parkrun first timer Lisa Searle (Masters Athletics WA) was first female finisher in 21:20, Karen Patterson was second female finisher in 23:33 and Kate Murphy – also a parkrun first timer – was third female finisher two seconds later in 23:35.

Andrew Pengelly was awarded with his 100 club shirt, and Nicole Winch received her $50 parkrunner of the month voucher from the Belmont Squash and Running Centre. Nicole Winch has been to every parkrun held at Canning River parkrun and during the month of August recorded a PB with every run.

Twenty-two percent of the field achieved personal bests this week. Notables include Mynn Maarof and Matt Tilling who both finished in 37:46, lopping from their Sep 28th times 9 minutes 13 seconds and 10 minutes 25 seconds respectively. Felicia Singkang was paced by Rowena Singkang to a PB of 37:49. Kerry Jones finished with a PB of 38:02, which is an improvement of 3 minutes 21 seconds. Melissa Hansen recorded a new PB of 37:00, which is 2 minutes 37 seconds off her previous time. Stephen Herbert managed his third PB in a row, finishing in 22:48.

On the male points table, Abdul-Raouf Mohamed-Isa is top of the leaderboard with 1577 points. Grant Langford is second with 1538 points and Dan Baldwin close behind on 1532 points. Andrew Pengelly is 4th with 1334 points and Joseph Stephens is the highest junior male parkrunner with 1291 points. On the women’s points table Carolyn Stephens is first with 1540 points, Natalie Wells second with 1400 points, Delia Baldock third with 1219 points and Theresa Dewse fourth with 1195 points. Coming in in 5th place is Tania Baldwin with 1153 points. Highest junior female on the points table is Lize Bartels in 45th place with 495 points.

During this week’s run briefing we were advised by Geoff Moore from City of Canning council that with the warming temperatures the turtle population of the Canning River Regional Park are on the move and that runners need to keep an eye out for the slow moving four legged trip hazards.

Canning River parkrunners should remember that the run is now operating on a strict “no barcode – no time” basis, as per regular parkrun policy. Runners need to remember to bring their barcode to parkrun. If your barcode does not scan for any reason (too sweaty, dodgy printing, etc) then your result will be manually entered when the results are processed, otherwise your time will appear in the official results as Unknown Athlete.

Canning River parkrun is a free, timed 5km run held every Saturday morning at 8am in the Canning River Regional Park. The start finish area is accessible from Kent Street in Wilson, near the Canning River Cafe. parkrun Australia is sponsored by Suncorp Bank, Stockland and adidas. Canning River parkrun is also sponsored by the City of Canning.



Colour me purple – event 17 – September 28th

On a predominantly purple morning the 17th running of Canning River parkrun saw a record breaking 123 people take part. It was Support the Dockers day at Canning River but there was the odd non-purple jersey out there (Yes, Kai Metzner, your full Hawthorn kit, minus footy boots was noted.)

The route of last week’s course was decided in record time last Saturday morning by Run Director Adrian Kenny because the Greenfield Street Bridge was undergoing urgent repairs and maintenance. Because the bridge looks like it will be out of action until at least October 11th, during the week a slightly revised version of this course was measured out by this weekend’s Run Director Jeremy Savage. The revised B course runs almost entirely the other side of the river, and the start line is at the very end of the boardwalk area of the weir bridge. The finish line has been moved from the left of the trees at the end of the weir bridge to the other side of the gazebo area and includes a quick dash along the path to the Castledare railway ticket booth and back along the grass.

Out of the 31 personal bests this weekend we had Carolyn Stephens crack the sub 27 minute mark with a 26:50, assisted by a brilliant pacing job by her son Joseph who came in one second ahead of her. Carolyn also managed to take the VW55-59 age category record with this run. Kem Hassan (Masters Athletics WA) managed a new PB by one second coming in at 26:26, Christine Erbe managed her fifth PB on the trot with a time of 30:00, taking 8 seconds off her previous best, Felicia Singkang cracked sub 39 minutes with a 38:42 run while Melissa Sammut matched her current PB with a same time finish of 34:54. Richard Story cracked sub 20 minutes with a 19:53 run and Siony Kemp managed a great PB, knocking almost 5 minutes of her previous PB and finishing in 48:23.

First finished this week was Kai Metzner in 17:55, Oli Stenning came in second finisher in 18:45 and Nic Taylor chased them in in 19:13. In the women’s placings, Tracey Horton (WA Marathon Club) managed her 7th first female finisher position in 22:35, Kelly Robinson was second female finisher in 23:53 and Katie Hartrick was two seconds behind Kelly in 23:55 taking third female finisher.

Kai’s run this week gave him the JM15-19 age category record for Canning River. It’s interesting to note that Kai’s final JM14 run in Event 14 gave him both the JM14 age category record as well as the course overall age category record scored at 83.93%. It also makes him the only person on the age category record board at Canning River to hold two age category records at the same time.

Special mention this week should go to Aiden Hassan who came in fourth overall and first JM14 in his first ever parkrun. We had a sterling effort by Jen MacTaggart (WA Marathon Club) pushing a pram for a 24:42 finish time. Emma Dear reinforced her sub 40 minute-ness with a 39:29, her second week running with a sub 40 minute time.


No barcode = no time

Because it looks like we’ll be regularly getting over 100 parkrunners each week we’ll be enforcing the “no barcode, no time” rule from Event 18 onwards. This means that as long as you turn up with your athlete barcode (it doesn’t matter how torn, sweaty or ill-printed it is) you will receive an official time. If your barcode does not scan then we will enter your finish position into the results system manually, but if you leave your barcode at home your time will appear in the results attributed to Unknown Athlete. Please note that barcodes cannot be scanned from smartphones by the parkrun barcode scanner, so it is imperative that you have a printed version of your barcode.

When you print your barcode you are taken to a page that has six copies of it. If you print this page you could keep a copy of your barcode in your wallet, another in your car glove box, perhaps a third in your mobile phone protective case and some industrious people slide a spare barcode underneath the inner sole of their running shoes. Alternatively you can buy a plastic token from Bentlogic that has your athlete number on it and you can put it on your key ring or attach it to your running shoes. The plastic token also goes through the wash more successfully than your average paper barcode does!

International parkrun day!

Next week we will be celebrating International parkrun day! The first weekend in October always celebrates the anniversary of the first ever parkrun held at Bushy park in London on October 2nd 2004. There were 13 runners at the first ever parkrun, and now we regularly get over 40,000 parkrunners every Saturday worldwide, and we have over 670,000 runners registered. As a part of the celebrations we’d like people to embrace the concept of “Last parkrunner Standing” where all the parkrunners stay at the finish area until the last parkrunner has crossed the line, with more and more people cheering them home. To help encourage people to stay we have some intrepid bakers who will be plying us with tasty treats. If you’d like to add to the carbohydrate mix feel free to bake some goodies or bring down something to barbeque on the hotplates at the finish line.

On a slightly sad note we were trying to get some footage of the start for the international parkrun day videos but the camera we were using disappeared from its perch. If anyone saw a yellow and black small sports video camera and thought it was a lost and found item can they please return it to Jeremy.

Canning River parkrun is a free, timed 5km run held every Saturday morning at 8am in the Canning River Regional Park. The start finish area is accessible from Kent Street in Wilson, near the Canning River Cafe. parkrun Australia is sponsored by Suncorp Bank, Stockland and adidas. Canning River parkrun is also sponsored by the City of Canning.



Canning River parkrun #15 of 14 Sep 2013 – updated, post-official timing

The weather forecast was glum, the overcast conditions and drizzle early in the morning looked bleak; but the cooler conditions and lack of breeze made good conditions for fast times. With the exception of the wet track, and as the rain and drizzle held off for the event, things were pretty close to perfect for running as 63 parkrunners discovered.

Joao Pisani brought along Russell Bassula for an assault on Kai Metzner's course record but unfortunately they just missed, but I'm sure they'll be back soon for another attempt. One of the great things of volunteering is to see these front of the pack runners come across the line, hurting as much as we middle-and-back-of-the-pack runners do; the only exception is how quickly they bounce back, which is why we see them standing vertically when we are doubled over after crossing the finish, but believe me, they hurt too! UPDATE: Well, blow me down with a feather -- Now the official results have been posted we can see that Russell did in fact attain a NEW Canning River parkrun course record!! Well done!

Kilee Giles was the first female finisher, and from memory, Kilee recorded a pretty good time (see below for more discussion on times). Jeremy Shaw was the first junior male finisher and Jasmin White the first junior female; it's great to see the number of juniors participating and the speed at which some of these whippets can complete the 5km course!

A few weeks ago, Ben Harris was paced to a sub-20 minute PB, but today he ran on his own and recorded a time just outside this magical mark; a demonstration of how far his running has come on with perseverence and training. Ash Walker also rates another honourable mention - he's been training and it's showing as he made yet another milestone PB. Abdul-Raouf Mohamed-Isa volunteered as the 25 minute pace bunny and brought Steven Herbert home with seconds to spare!

There was quite a number of beaming smiles as I called out the finishing times as each runner crossed the line: I'm pretty sure there were a goodly number of PBs set, but unfortunately there was a stumble when it came to processing the results as some of the IT infrastructure required to connect Part A to Part B had gone astray from the previous week. At the time of writing this, an arbitrary set of results have been posted and the stopwatch times will be posted in due course; then we'll get to see by exactly how much Ash, Steven, Theresa Dewse and others made their best times. UPDATE: See the plethora of new PBs. Well done everyone who achieved a new best time. Of the 63 runners, there were 3 unknowns; of the 60 known runners, there were 7 first timers; of the 53 "seasoned" runners, there were 24 new PBs set (which is nearly half of the field!)

Canning River parkrun is a free, timed 5km run held every Saturday morning at 8am in the Canning River Regional Park. The start finish area is accessible from Kent Street in Wilson, near the Canning River Cafe. parkrun Australia is sponsored by Suncorp Bank, Stockland and adidas. Canning River parkrun is also sponsored by the City of Canning.


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