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Safe WA app QR for CRp

The Western Australian Government has now mandated electronic check-in via the SafeWA app for any place where an event is held. As such, parkrun events are now required to print and display a unique QR code (attached), at various locations around the event. We have also added the QR code to our social media channels and this news article.

Walkers, runners and volunteers checking in via the app is fundamental for parkrun to continue operating in WA, therefore participants are strongly encouraged to check in before leaving home, in their car, at or after the event each week. Should participants have any problems scanning the QR Code or do not have a compatible device, we would suggest another participant or volunteer use their device and register their community member as a new entry by rescanning the QR Code.


CRp re-opening on All Hallows Eve.

We've got all our bats in a row, brushed the cobwebs from the equipment vault and have a cauldron full of mixed metaphors.
Saturday 31st October at CRp, there will be hordes of covid zombies emerging from the wood works as mushy brains forget names but friends will be met and relationships rekindled.
The roster is looking healthy but we are always on the prowl for more heroes, just like you.
In fact, we could consume up to 6 barcode scanners this week (COVID requirements, please familiarise yourself).
Insert evil maniacal laugh here.
Zombie Roster

October 24th – Event Cancellation

We were prepared to return with the introduction of Phase 5 but since it's delay we have been teased by the back and forth between parkrun HQ and WA Health as many of you may have noticed.
Now at what feels like the last minute we are advised to seek more approvals from landowners and tick some more check-boxes, something we were not prepared for.
So, disappointingly, we feel the best course of action is to cancel this week while we continue with the approval process and will be back when ALL parties involved are completely satisfied with the new covid safe arrangements to be put in place..
In the meantime we encourage our runners and walkers to get out, enjoy a run in the park and meet up with a small group of friends just as you would on any given parkrunday. We also strongly discourage parkrun tourism to the few events that may be able to run as this would put undue pressure on an already stressed and possibly crowded location, something we have done so well to avoid over the last 7 months.
Please be patient and remember the event team here at CRp have your health and well-being foremost in our minds.


Dec 21st pre-Christmas event

Come join our pre-Christmas festive frivolities with Santa's little helpers at Canning River parkrun this Saturday.
We will be holding a special Christmas day event this year but many of us will unfortunately be "committed" by then so let's not miss a chance to celebrate with our local parkrun family and friends.
The 21st will be a day to dress up, share in some treats and enjoy our favourite 5k timed run or walk with familiar faces.

As a special one time only surprise (Due to a bridge closure) we will be re-visiting our alternate out and back course commonly referred to as Narnia. Please note we will also be needing a few extra course marshals and maybe a photographer to get things rolling.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas,
Your Event Team.


New Years Day parkrun

We are going to be starting the year 2020 off with a bonus parkrun starting at 8:00. As usual you can run or walk the 5k and by starting earlier, everyone should have the chance to visit another event and complete a New Years Day double.

If that isn’t a good reason for an early night, then what is?

For full details of all the events happening on. New Years Day, please check out the full list at


Christmas Day treat!

This year we are planning a Christmas Day special parkrun.

we will start at the usual time of 8am.

Runners from all events and first timers are welcome.

We can also provide special “permission slips” if required.

We do hope to see as many people as possible!



Defib Demo at CRp 15th Jun 2019

Defib Demo

If you've ever wondered how our mobile defibrillator operates or thought it would be good to familiarise yourself in advance, here's your chance. Robert Meacham has kindly offered to run a series of instructional demonstrations to dispel the myths and fears surrounding AED's. They will begin near the finish line of our June 15th parkrun event for anyone willing to observe and will be repeated as necessary to ensure everyone has an opportunity to be involved.
While Canning River parkrun is lucky enough to have a mobile defib, others do not. Please consider visiting this link and donating to support new or less fortunate parkrun locations.


6th “Australiana” Anniversary Event

Aug 2013 Vollies

G'day parkies, just a quick reminder that Canning River parkrun's 6th birthday is this Saturday 1st June and we are having an "Australiana" themed event, chucking a few pacers on the course and hopefully celebrating some big milestones. While we have all the volunteers we need to go ahead, there is still plenty of pacer vests available. Please message us to reserve a vest or grab whatever is remaining on the day.
See you's all there for what we're sure will be a big event and great beginning to your weegend


A Tribute to Graham.

Dear Canning River parkrunners,
It is with great sadness that we make this announcement.
Graham Upton’s family has contacted us with the sad news that Graham has passed away, suddenly on Christmas Day.
Along with his wife Wendy, Graham has been a regular part of our parkrun family for more than three years. Anyone who has met him would say that Graham always had a smile for friends and strangers alike and was a humble, selfless person; someone who never made a fuss. In April of this year, we were pleased to welcome Graham as a Run Director and he became an integral member of the Canning River Event Team. He loved serving the community and always put others first. We will miss Graham dearly.
Our thoughts are with Wendy and the family at this difficult time.
Graham was very passionate about his favourite soccer club, Chelsea, who play in royal blue and often joked about how his wearing the red 50 milestone parkrun shirt was the only time he would wear the colours of arch rival Manchester United.
Therefore, as a tribute to Graham, we would like to encourage everyone attending our parkrun on Saturday 5th January 2019 to either wear a shirt or something coloured Blue or, alternatively, wear the jersey for their favourite sports team.

Graham will be sorely missed, but not forgotten.

Canning River parkrun Event Team


Canning River parkrun #280 22/9/2018

What a great day for a run or walk. This week 245 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 16 were first timers and 26 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 15 different clubs took part.

Some awesome milestones were achieved today with Wendy UPTON claiming a shy 100th and Brendan MCAULIFFE stating in bold and delicious cake 150! Congratulations to you both.

Peg's Lamination Services was well received with 51 taking up on his generous offer. Anyone who left a paper barcode last week and hasn't picked it up should see either Andrew Pengelly or the Run Director in the next few weeks.

The event was made possible by the flawless performance of 20 volunteers. Give yourselves a pat on the back Sabbia TILLI • Mark JOSS • Bob SCOTT • Cliff HOLDOM • Blake GLOSSOP • Rodney GLOSSOP • Nathan DE BRUYN • Helen WARD • Debra GAUNTLETT • Julie KING • Jared MORO • Jacqueline O'NEILL • Jason PEREIRA • Hudson PEREIRA • Angelina LEONG • Jonathan GAUNTLETT • Amy GAUNTLETT • Emi JONES • Jesse O'NEILL & Warren JONES

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