19th December, 2020 Restart @ 7am

Campbelltown parkrun will restart on 19th December 2020 @ 7am from Hurricane Drive, Raby @ the Raby Sports Complex


New Year’s Day parkrun

Campbelltown parkrun will be held on New Year's Day but starting from the Raby Road Car Park. Same start time of 7am. Course has a different start and finish but over the same course.


Christmas 2017 New Years Day 2018

Campbelltown parkrun will NOT be holding a Christmas Day parkrun.

Campbelltown parkrun WILL be holding a New Years Day parkrun starting at 7am (Normal time) but starting from the Raby Road car park. Same course but a different start/finish.


New Years Day @ Campbelltown parkrun 7am

Campbelltown parkrun will be held on New Years Day (Friday). Course is the same but the Start/Finish is different at Raby Road Carpark Raby. The normal parkrun from Hurricane Drive will be held on the 2nd January @ 7am (Saturday).


New Years Day Campbelltown parkrun Starting Point.

Campbelltown parkrun on New Years Day is at 7am BUT, Starting from Raby Road Carpark. Same course different Start/Finish. Only a one off. Keep an eye on Facebook.


Christmas Day parkrun

There is NO parkrun at Campbelltown on Christmas Day. NYD is at normal 7am Start Time for Campbelltown.


Core Team & Cafe name.

Event Co-Directors Peta Shanahan (A877061) & Robert Prentice (A403632)
Run Director Ted Borodzicz (A854952)
Mal Quinn (A920324)
Café we meet at @ 8am onwards is McCafe at Eagle Vale Marketplace, Eagle Vale.


Announcing the start of Campbelltown parkrun

Campbelltown parkrun starts 15 March 2014

We are delighted to announce the launch of Campbelltown parkrun on 15th March 2014, 7:00am at Hurricane Drive, Raby. We hope you'll be able to join us for the launch and a coffee afterwards.

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