Christmas 2017 New Years Day 2018

Campbelltown parkrun will NOT be holding a Christmas Day parkrun.

Campbelltown parkrun WILL be holding a New Years Day parkrun starting at 7am (Normal time) but starting from the Raby Road car park. Same course but a different start/finish.


New Years Day @ Campbelltown parkrun 7am

Campbelltown parkrun will be held on New Years Day (Friday). Course is the same but the Start/Finish is different at Raby Road Carpark Raby. The normal parkrun from Hurricane Drive will be held on the 2nd January @ 7am (Saturday).


New Years Day Campbelltown parkrun Starting Point.

Campbelltown parkrun on New Years Day is at 7am BUT, Starting from Raby Road Carpark. Same course different Start/Finish. Only a one off. Keep an eye on Facebook.


Christmas Day parkrun

There is NO parkrun at Campbelltown on Christmas Day. NYD is at normal 7am Start Time for Campbelltown.

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