Box of barcodes no longer from end of June 2019

We would like to let everyone know that the event team has made the decision that unfortunately we are no longer able to maintain the barcode box with everyone’s barcodes from the end of June 2019. This decision has not been taken lightly and we realise some people really like the convenience of the box. However, on balance we believe that this decision is best for Bunyaville parkrun in the long term due to the following:

- we believe it should be the parkrunner’s responsibility to bring their barcode
- if a barcode goes missing, the parkrunner is likely to be upset (our no barcode, no time, no exception policy applies)
- if the folder/box with barcodes is accidentally left at home, this will be a big problem
- parkrunners may expect other events to provide this service.

There is also a minor safety issue as the barcode has your ICE details on it which may be needed during the event but not of any use if it is in the box. The ICE details on barcodes are used somewhere in the world at a parkrun most Saturday's.

We have also had a few issues recently that have caused the team some concern. To help the transition we are giving everyone to the end of June to get used to bringing their barcode along each week. We hope you all understand our decision.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.