weekly newsletter 30 August 2016


the joy of volunteering

My husband was the volunteer timekeeper on Saturday so whilst I was running and thinking of this, I decided exactly what I wanted to share in this weeks’ newsletter. 

You are probably used to giving all the vollies wearing high vis every Saturday a round of applause, and you’re likely to have heard the call out for volunteers during the pre-run brief, or seen what look like crazy people flashing a roster and pen around in the air, this is because we ask our participants to volunteer three times a year – this is simply because we need volunteers in order to operate. 

Volunteers are the backbone of parkrun, from the person who arrives early to set up the course, to the marshal in the high vis vest giving high 5’s and guiding you in the right direction, to the timekeeper that concentrates on which button to press as runners cross the line.

Then we have the photographer that takes your happy snaps that we all know you love to tag as soon as they hit Facebook, to the volunteer cake bakers, to the Event Directors & Run Directors, volunteers really are what makes parkrun happen. 

Many will know that volunteering is actually fun and very rewarding, it also contributes to the development of community spirit, social cohesion and friendship. If you’ve ever volunteered, (or you are lucky enough to own an eggplant 25 volunteer shirt), we salute you. Thank you to each of you for helping to make the magic happen. 

As parkrun continues to grow, so too will our volunteer roles, the newest of which is a Volunteer Helpdesk Role. The role involves coordinating incoming athlete support emails. You will be required to update athlete details online and respond to athlete request emails. Timing is based on volume, however will be approx. 15min per day, and this role can be shared or rostered between multiple volunteers.

Have you ever wanted to volunteer but Saturday mornings just don’t work, or do you have gaps of spare time during the day? We are opening up this role for expressions of interest. If this sounds like you, please email renee.gimbert@parkrun.com outlining experience by COB Friday 9th September. 

Happy parkrunning,

Renee Gimbert
National Operations Manager


essential stats



join us for Personal Better Day on September 3

Lace up your sneakers, because Personal Better Day is coming.

On Saturday, September 3, we’re gunning to beat the national attendance record and aiming for more than 25,000 Aussies participating in parkruns nationwide. 

Personal Better Day is a great time to bring your friends and family along to your regular parkrun, and show them just how fun it can be. Like all parkruns it’s about participation not performance, so you can assure your loved ones it doesn’t matter how fast they run, or even walk. 

To register, and for more details, head to www.personalbetter.com.au


upcoming special events

17/09 – Palmerston (NT), You Yangs (Vic), Moree (NSW)
8/10 - Galston (NSW)
22/10 - Orange (NSW)

03/09 – Blue Gum Hills (NSW) 2nd, Broadbeach Waters (Qld) 2nd, Lochiel (SA) 1st, Warner Lakers (Qld) 1st, Warwick (Qld) 3rd,
10/09 – Bega (NSW) 1st, Inverloch (Vic) 2nd, Wynnum (Qld) 4th,
17/09 – New Farm (Qld) 5th, Pakenham (Vic) 2nd,
24/09 – Ashgrove (Qld) 1st, Bowral (NSW) 2nd, Merimbula (NSW) 3rd, Tamworth (NSW) 2nd, Toowoomba (Qld) 3rd, 

10/09 – Mt Penang, Penrith Lakes (NSW), Diamond Creek (Vic)
17/09 - Penrith Lakes (NSW)
01/10 – Penrith Lakes (NSW)
15/10 – Launceston (Tas), Clare Valley (SA)
12/11 – Mt Penang (NSW)
19/11 – Tamborine Mountain (Qld)

feedback from the field


St Peters parkrun had two runners celebrating their 100th parkrun on Saturday. Sarah Jane Thomsett and Kim Pike have both been run directors, regular volunteers and have encouraged countless people to give parkrun a go - they totally embody the spirit of parkrun.

Many of the people they introduced to parkrun turned out today, many in tutus (because who doesn't love a run in a tutu) to walk or run the course and cheer these 2 fabulous women home. Kim had a particular motivation for getting to her 100th parkrun - she wanted to do it before her twins arrive, which will not be too far away.

Rachel Launder


Not many parkrunners get their 50th run in by their 5th birthday, Its a tight schedule.

You can’t get your own barcode till you are four and Odin Bonar turned 5 the day after his ‘redshirt’ run at Newy - accompanied by his slightly older twin brothers who recently became the youngest identical twins in the parkrun universe to complete their 100th run.

Odie has completed 25 different parkruns with his family and having completed all 12 parkruns in the Region of Runners is a Regionnaire.



parkdog of the week

Please allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Basil (on the right) and Sybil (eyeing off the cake) and we own humans at Cleveland parkrun in Queensland! 

We LOVE Saturdays so very much and we know what day of the week it is just by the feeling in the air.

We obey all the rules and run on a short leash (not as quickly as we’d like to, but that’s another story) and we are generally loved by all concerned. 

We both started our lives in a rescue centre and boy were our humans lucky the day/s they chose us – pats, swims, licks and running companions. We love parkrun; it ROCKS. 

Basil and Sybil Weaver

Are you a parkrun-loving dog, aka a parkdog? If so, and you’re clever enough to read this newsletter, we’d love to hear from you. 

Please send your profile to helloAU@parkrun.com with the subject ‘parkdog of the week’. 

And remember, don’t forget your bark-code. 



foreign correspondent

Name: Bill (Bullet) Justus

Age: 53

Home parkrun: Okanagan Canada

Occupation: Restaurateur- Chef (Retired Canadian Airforce) 

Number of parkruns (volunteer): 5 dummy and 1 official

Number of parkruns: 0 - I have spent the better part of bringing this to Canada we were the first to get it going here in the beautiful Okanagan. I also have CIDP google it…LOL and have been battling that which makes it Impossible to run.  I will get back this I am sure.

I volunteer at parkrun because: I love running, I love seeing people with a sense of accomplishment on their face a smile a big as the moon. If I could change one thing it would have been here 18 months ago. It gives me HOPE

You should visit my parkrun because: Well I live in and amongst the wine capital of Canada the trail of beautiful and you would get a chance to meet me, I’m a pretty nice fella, a great tour guide, and a little bit crazy.

And when you’re in town you should also check out: Chinamans caves, Wall of a 1000 eyes, Myra canyon, Eks Grill, Okanagan Mtn Park, Angel Springs, and one of the 186 Plus wineries, over 19 golf courses, in the winter we are at 5c to -10 but have 6 world class ski resorts just a 45 min drive away. Run in the morning and ski-board in the afternoon.