Weekly newsletter – 18th June 2013

welcome to this week's newsletter

In this week’s newsletter we launch our second event in Townsville, prepare to tackle the Longest parkrun, and hear from one of Australia’s most loved radio presenters.

On Saturday morning I attended the launch of North Shore parkrun in Townsville. North Shore is another wonderful Stockland community that has opened its doors to parkrun in recent months and, like at the others, the launch was awesome with over 100 enthusiastic participants, most of whom were local residents. Special thanks must go to the volunteers (including my wife Nicci and mate Ruggy), Shaantel from Stockland for organizing free post run coffees at Millie J & Co, and of course Event Director Jak Blanch for making it all happen!

In last week’s newsletter I regrettably failed to mention the launch of Mitchelton parkrun in Brisbane attended by 130 runners, including 22 first time parkrunners. Big shout out to Event Director Gab Edmonds and Gareth Saunders who have turned this event around in less than 2 months, along with volunteers Paul Kucharski and Vince Gibson. I look forward to joining the crew at Mitchelton parkrun later in the year.

Last Tuesday NBN ran probably the best piece of media about parkrun I have seen with over 3 minutes of coverage on Newy parkrun’s 1st anniversary celebrations. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favour and watch it now.

Finally, hearty congrats to parkrun Australia Patron Ron Clarke who was recently made an 'Officer of the Order of Australia'. Better yet Ron was wearing his parkrun tracksuit when discussing the award on ABC News! Congratulations Ron, and thanks for the plug!!!

Happy running,

Tim from parkrun Australia (get in touch)

Were you a first timer last weekend, or did you run a personal best? We would love to hear about your experience on email, @parkrun_au or on Facebook.

Longest parkrun this Sunday

Hot off the press, Australia will now have three ‘Longest parkruns’ on this Sunday, June 23! As previously announced there will be a Brisbane & South Longest parkrun, a Western Australia Longest parkrun, and now, a Region of Runners Longest parkrun.

For those who do not know the Longest parkruns are FUN social events, NOT endurance events. We encourage people to run anything from 1 to 7 parkruns in one day - PLEASE be sensible and run within your limits. You can join in at whatever point you wish and do one or more parkruns. None of the events are timed (you are encouraged to time and record yourself), and they do not count towards club t-shirts. But if you want to explore some of other beautiful parkruns in good company then why not join in?

After the events the Professor will be collecting times from anyone who submits them through an online form that will be available on the Longest parkrun Australia Facebook site and we will produce some graphs and stats for next month’s article. We will be doing a West Coast vs. East Coast comparison - game on Jon Storey :-)

Professor Alan from Wynnum parkrun

OFFICIAL parkrun Athlete ID Key Tags

Our friends from Bent Logic in Western Australia have created the most convenient way to carry your parkrun Athlete ID barcode - on a durable plastic key tag. Attach it to your car keys, shoelace, necklace, wristband or zip. Simply provide your name and Athlete ID number and they will print this information on the key tag, including your all important barcode. The parkrun logo will be printed on the other side as shown.

The cost is $6 each including postage and best of all, $2 from each key tag sold will be DONATED back to parkrun Australia.

Click here to get your OFFICIAL parkrun Athlete ID Key Tag.

Support Vanessa @ Utopia Women's Wellness

Sandgate parkrun Event Director Vanessa Gibson is talking about her life as a ‘Mum on the Run’ at the Utopia Women's Wellness event in Brisbane on July 13. Her bio on the website is super cool – "Vanessa Gibson is a wife, mum, journalist and breakfast show presenter for 96five in Brisbane. She and husband Dean have two kids - Hope, age 3 and Jed, age 1. She loves to cook and share her recipes on her blog, Mums in the Kitchen. Vanessa's love of food is counteracted by her love of running - she is Event Director for Sandgate parkrun and is in training for her first full marathon, sharing her running adventures at her blog Mums in the Marathon." For more info on Utopia Women's Wellness click here.

Tell Suncorp Bank why you runPositive and you could win $10,000!

What is your reason to runPositive?

Suncorp Bank is encouraging all participants of the Gold Coast Airport Marathon (6&7 July), The Sunday Mail Suncorp Bank Bridge to Brisbane (1 Sep) and Blackmores Sydney Running Festival (22 Sep) to share their personal motivation for getting involved for their chance to win $10,000!

It’s easy! Simply go to www.suncorpbank.com.au/runpositive and complete the sentence ‘I runPositive…’ to enter and be in with a chance to win! Terms and conditions apply and are available here. If you’re one of the first to enter you could also receive your runPositive message on a personalised singlet (QLD events) or two runPositive sweatbands (NSW only).

For more information, motivation and health and fitness tips join the Suncorp Bank runPositive Community on Facebook or follow our dedicated runPositive blog.

Bridge to Brisbane

In 2013 parkrun is an official training partner for Bridge to Brisbane. This is an amazing partnership as it guarantees us exposure to thousands of new runners who will hopefully become part of the parkrun family!

If you are planning on running B2B this year then we invite you to join the parkrun team, details are as follows: 5km | Team Name - parkrun 5k Team | Team No. – 72338; 10km | Team Name – parkrun | Team No. – 58568.

Running Dry in July by Adam Spencer

Breakfast radio can be a bit of a grind at the best of times - 3.20am alarms woohoo! - and whilst I ride a pushbike to work most days it's still pretty easy to get into a certain torpor when it comes to exercise.

That's one of the reasons I really enjoy Dry July, an annual charity drive of which I am patron where people lay off the sauce for 31 days to raise money for adults living with cancer. The clear head that comes with booze free living walks hand in hand with increased energy levels and a general zest for life.

But last year, for the first time, I did a Dry July with a difference. I didn't just hop on the wagon for 4 weeks and 3 days, I also popped on down to the St Peters parkrun and belted out 5km of fun including what must be one of the most 'challenging' hills of any parkrun in the world.

It was so much fun and after a month booze free I had 5 parkruns under my belt.

So this year parkrun is partnering with Dry July. To the 15,000 Dry Julyers around the country we are saying 'out your newfound Saturday mornings to good use and get along to your nearest parkrun.

And to the nations parkrunners the challenge is on. Go to dryjuly.com and sign up for a sober sojourn to help our brothers, sisters, friends and workmates fighting the big C.

Sign up as an individual or if you'd like to show that your parkrun is the most sober and most generous in Australia create a team on the teams page and recruit as many of your fellow parkrunners as you can to sharing in a Dry July.

I've never met a person who has done Dry July and regretted it, so get on board at dryjuly.com and I might see you at a parkrun soon.

Adam Spencer

Recognise your potential – become an adiRunner!

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If you’re serious about running, visit the adidas Running Facebook page for more details.

Also, don’t forget this is also the last week you can enter the adidas competition to represent parkrun at the 2013 City2Surf. This is sure to be a sell-out, so to win tell adidas why you want to represent parkrun at the event. Email your entry to: parkrun@adidas.com

The Pointy End

Who are you? Rockingham parkrun course record holder (16:11), Liam Fuery.

How do you run so fast? Consistent training, a lot of hard work and some good coffee.
How many km do you run in an average training week? It would probably hover around the 90km-100km a week mark when things are going well and I’m free from injury and any niggles.

What type of training do you typically do? I like to mix things up and will do a few long runs, some tempo runs and interval work. For example a session may consist of 8 x 1km repeats.

How long have you been running and have you always been so good? From age ten but I didn’t get serious until the age of 15 when my Uncle used take me for runs around the block on our farm, so it’s been a good twenty years.

What is your favourite distance? Half marathon.

Do you have a coach and do you train with a squad? No, I am self coached and mainly run solo with the help of some training buddies a few times a week.

How much faster would you like to go? I would dearly like to achieve sub-33 for 10km and sub-16 for 5km. I am sneaking towards these goals hopefully by the end of the winter.

What big events do you want to run? The main one would have to be the Brisbane Marathon in a few months.

Upcoming Event Launches, Anniversaries & Cancellations

Our 15th launch for the year is coming up this Saturday, June 22, at Gladstone in Queensland. Other confirmed launch dates include: June 29 for Logan River south of Brisbane; July 6 for Aveley in Perth; and July 13 for Gatton in Queensland’s Lockyer Valley.

Kirra & Coomera will be cancelled on July 6 due to the staging of the Gold Coast Airport Marathon. Note that Main Beach and Varsity Lakes will run as per normal.

Coomera & Claisebrook Cove celebrate their 1st anniversaries on Saturday, August 3.

Feedback from the field

Deb - I’m quite a solitary runner. I run long distances. Previously, I would have said I was more of a plodder than a runner. As in, I get into a bit of a plod and can stay there for a long time. After my third trail race was cancelled in a 12-month period, I decided to put less eggs in the trail running basket. I got involved in parkrun so that I could help make it happen for other people. It wasn’t altruistic; it was a tactic to ease the disappointment when a trail race got cancelled due to bad weather or other circumstances. I’ve just finished what can only be described as the running fortnight of my life. I’ve run about 170km in the last 2 weeks. None of those kilometres was off road. One hundred of those kilometres was in the one week (tick that off the bucket list). Five of those kilometres were the fastest 5km I’ve ever ran in my life. A parkrun (and all time 5km) PB by 88 seconds! 21.1km, were as part of the fastest half-marathon I’ve ever run – a PB by about 10 minutes. I can’t calculate how many of those minutes I owe to the Gindy parkrun crowd who greeted me as a friend at the beginning of the run, congratulated me on my parkrun PB, hoorayed on every lap of the 13 lap half-marathon course, were genuinely interested in my goals before the run and celebrated with me after. As I finished the half-marathon, I felt like every person at the finish line was calling my name, clapping and cheering. parkrun extends beyond 5k, beyond the coffee shop and beyond Saturday morning. It brings together like minded people, forges likely and unlikely alliances and has brought forth faster running than I ever thought was possible from a plodder.

Dianne Ilka - A huge thanks to an awesome team running such a great event at Gatton parkrun! It's great to see so many people turning up to support it :)

Renee Gudopp - Thank you for bringing such a great event to Gatton & for all the hard work! And I love the crew there what a great bunch of people!!!

Sherrill Kelk - Thank you for the photos from Wynnum parkrun every week. You all do a great job.

Jodi Ott - Wow. You guys do an amazing job. Thanks. My first Wynnum parkrun today. Will be back again that's for sure.

David Swanson - Another amazing Wynnum parkrun, thanks to the Run Directors (Neil and Trish) and all of the other volunteers, well done guys.

Drop me an email if you have an interesting parkrun related fact, happening or comment that you would like to share with all parkrunners.

Volunteer Profile

Name:  Merrilyn McMillan

Club:  No others officially, but you will often see me in the background helping out at various RSARRC events or as Malcolm's Personal Support Team.

Age:  Over 21, but sometimes feel like 100

Home parkrun:  Torrens

Occupation:  Husband Runner's Support Person... amongst other things.

Number of runs:  Attended about 22, volunteered about 12 (unsure exact number).

PB:  Well, I am always at the finish line before any runners arrive.

Number of times volunteered:  About 12 (still unsure exact number as I did not register at the beginning).

Favourite volunteer role:  Run position scanner, personal gear/barcode minder, child minder and lost property collector.

What do like about volunteering at parkrun:  The cake, coffee and conversations with those who stay behind at the Cafe afterward. No really, I like meeting everyone, welcoming 'newbees' and being a part of a really nice bunch.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment:  Reading an email asking for everyone's times as the timer and positioning was totally messed up...and I nearly had a heart attack as I thought I had done it...only for my husband to point out that 'No it wasn't our race event'.

How can we improve parkrun:  Approach the Cafe and ask if they will sponsor us by providing a free coffee to each volunteer. Plus by raising funds (I have suggested to Brian about selling pre-ordered and paid for, running tops and charging a small amount extra on the cost to raise some funds) then from those funds you could give a small/token prize to the RUNNER who volunteers the most in a year. At the pre-run speech time, regularly remind them that without volunteers there would be no run...and it does not have to be the runner to volunteer, encourage them to get a friend or family member to help.


Barcode reminder


Printed barcodes are used at all our events to record your result. Please click here to collect and print your barcode.
No printed barcode, No result.

All questions answered

Do you have a question about parkrun? How do I collect my club T-shirt? How do I get my barcode? All your questions are answered on our brand new support site

Volunteering at parkrun

We ask every parkrunner to volunteer 3 times a year. When volunteering you receive the maximum number of points towards the yearly competition.

Children at parkrun

All children under 11 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Guardians must ensure that children place themselves appropriately so as to prevent a situation where they are being repeatedly overtaken at the start. This is to ensure the safety of your child.

the parkrun show

The parkrun show

You can download your copy of the parkrun show here. (iTunes)

The parkrun show is the audible roundup of the "goings on" of everything that caught the teams eye from the weekend in parkrunworld.

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