Weekly newsletter – 11th June 2013

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In this week’s newsletter we celebrate Newy parkrun’s 1st Anniversary, introduce the OFFICIAL parkrun Athlete ID Key Tags, and offer you the chance to win your way into the iconic City2Surf.

Saturday was a real landmark day for parkrun in Australia with one of our largest events, Newy parkrun, celebrating its 1st anniversary. It is no exaggeration to say that the rest of the parkrun family, both here and abroad, have looked on in awe over the last 12 months as Event Director Dave Robertson and his amazing team of volunteers have turned Newy into a small region event with 77 at the inaugural run, to one of the largest and most loved on the planet. Newy has become renowned for many things including high fives, pram pushing and headbands and all of these were on full show on Saturday. I even got into the spirit of it by pushing Jack in the BOB whilst wearing a headband and running barefoot! Once the final runner had crossed the line we had smashed the all time Australian attendance record with an amazing 799 runners, a number that would have been much higher had the weather gods been a bit kinder. Post run was a real celebration of all things parkrun with a couple of amazing cakes (see above), 10-Club presentations, Alan Field receiving his 100-Club shirt and even a reenactment of young Dante carrying his dog Toby across the line (see below). It truly was a privilege for me to be there on Saturday so thanks Dave, Gabby, Grace, and all of the Newy family for showing us an amazing time.

On Sunday I was up at 3:50am for the 2 hour drive west to the Lockyer Valley, a region well known around Australia due to the severe flooding and subsequent devastation that it experienced in 2011, for the first ‘official-unofficial’ Gatton parkrun. This was the first of a series of test events, hence the term ‘official-unofficial’, being held on the course in the lead up to the ‘official-official’ launch on July 13, and I was blown away by the level of support and interest that I found. Event Director Ingred Impekoven had everything planned to perfection, with volunteers at the ready, a beautiful and scenic course around Lake Apex, 55 keen as mustard runners, and even a buffet breakfast to boot! Special mention must also go to Professor Alan and Roisin from Wynnum parkrun who have helped Ingred immensely through the planning process for Gatton parkrun, thanks guys.

Overall our stats were off the charts last week with 1,107 new online registrations (taking our total to 37,697); 1,056 first timers participating; 1,170 new personal best times been achieved; and a grand total of 4,284 parkrunners taking part across our 32 events!!!!!

Lastly, congrats to all of the parkrunners who participated in other events across the weekend, especially our wonderful Coomera parkrunner Allison Cooke who placed 2nd in her age category at the Cairns 70.3 triathlon on Sunday... LEGEND!

Happy running,

Tim from parkrun Australia (get in touch)

Were you a first timer last weekend, or did you run a personal best? We would love to hear about your experience on email, @parkrun_au or on Facebook.

OFFICIAL parkrun Athlete ID Key Tags

Our friends from Bent Logic in Western Australia have created the most convenient way to carry your parkrun Athlete ID barcode - on a durable plastic key tag. Attach it to your car keys, shoelace, necklace, wristband or zip. Simply provide your name and Athlete ID number and they will print this information on the key tag, including your all important barcode. The parkrun logo will be printed on the other side as shown.

The cost is $6 each including postage, and best of all, $2 from each key tag sold will be DONATED back to parkrun Australia.

Click here to get your OFFICIAL parkrun Athlete ID Key Tag.

Longest parkrun

Don’t forget Australia will have two ‘Longest parkruns’ on Sunday 23 June. We will have a Brisbane & South Longest parkrun and for the first time a Western Australia Longest parkrun.

For those who do not know the Longest parkruns are FUN social events, NOT endurance events. We encourage people to run anything from 1 to 7 parkruns in one day - PLEASE be sensible and run within your limits. You can join in at whatever point you wish and do one or more parkruns. None of the events are timed (you are encouraged to time and record yourself), and they do not count towards club t-shirts. But if you want to explore some of other beautiful parkruns in good company then why not join in?

After the events the Professor will be collecting times from anyone who submits them through an online form that will be available on the Longest parkrun Australia Facebook site and we will produce some graphs and stats for next month’s article. We will be doing a West Coast vs East Coast comparison - game on Jon Storey :-)

Professor Alan from Wynnum parkrun

#Boost your City2Surf with adidas

Be part of the biggest foot race in the world – the City2Surf. adidas has partnered with City2Surf for the first time and is giving 5 parkrunners the opportunity to participate in the race. This event is sure to sell out, so secure a place and represent parkrun and adidas in Sydney on Aug 11.

To win yourself a place to the event tell adidas why you want to represent parkrun at the 2013 City2Surf. Email your entry to parkrun@adidas.com

Just Zinc about it

Zinc is an essential nutrient that is involved in over 200 enzyme reactions within our body. It is vital to our immune function (it is a powerful antioxidant), improves carbon dioxide transport in the lungs, reduces lactic acid levels in overworked muscles, wound healing, injury recovery and to the hormone insulin. Zinc is also useful in treating skin conditions, is important in digestive functions and necessary for bone mineralisation.

Runners lose zinc through sweat, urine and solid wastes. So if your zinc stores are already low you may be at risk of further deficiency. This can then impact on insulin release which is essential for the recovery of many of our cellular nutrients which are depleted after strenuous exercise. Research has shown that by ensuring there is enough zinc in your diet you can improve your energy production and therefore your cardiovascular endurance.

Reduced zinc levels can also contribute to increased fatigued and low energy and reduced endurance capacity....when you run the long kilometres it is important to put back the nutrients that the body burns to enable you to both keep running and improving.

Click here to read more.

Trish from Enrich Health & Nutrition

The Pointy End

Who are you? New North Lakes parkrun female course record holder (18:34), Cara Jardine.

How do you run so fast? I have always been able to run quite fast. Lately I have been working on my cadence when I am running and making sure my legs are moving fast and I am not over striding. I think this is how I got my PB.

How many km's do you run in an average training week? I don’t do long runs as part of my training (although parkrun is part of my training) but in an average training week, I still run more than 15km.

What type of training do you typically do? When I train, I work on my cadence and moving my legs quickly. I also do hill runs (we have a great hill at the front of our house that is about 75m long), core strength work, plyometrics, interval training and parkrun.

How long have you been running and have you always been so good? I have always run, but I really started running when I was 9, which was when I worked out I had a talent.

What is your favourite distance? I like all distances from sprints to long distance. My favourite changes all the time.

Do you have a coach and do you train with a squad? My mum is like my coach; my sister and I (and sometimes one of my brothers) train around where we live. My mum makes up all the training sessions.

How much faster would you like to go? I would like to get down to 18 minutes flat at the North Lakes parkrun.

What big events do you want to run? I want to run at the National School Cross Country this year. I made it in the State team when I was 10 for sprinting and for Cross Country when I was 11. There are a lot of fast girls in my age group (I am 12 turning 13) but I would love to make it again this year.

Upcoming Event Launches, Anniversaries & Cancellations

Our 14th launch for the year is coming up this Saturday, June 15, at North Shore [http://www.parkrun.com.au/northshore/] in Townsville. Other confirmed launch dates include: June 22 for Gladstone; June 29 for Logan River south of Brisbane; July 6 for Aveley in Perth; and July 13 for Gatton in Queensland’s Lockyer Valley.

Kirra & Coomera will be cancelled on July 6 due to the staging of the Gold Coast Airport Marathon. Note that Main Beach and Varsity Lakes will run as per normal.

Coomera & Claisebrook Cove celebrate their 1st anniversaries on Saturday, August 3.

Feedback from the field

Katanya Shanzy - I've been a New Farm parkrun regular for 8 months since my very first 5 km continuous run last October. I've gone on to train for 10km, 11km, 14km events and now I'm training for my first Half Marathon at Gold Coast in July! I've run through the summer heat, summer rain, illness, stressful work periods, respiratory illness, back pain - parkrun is the one run I move planets to get to.. why? I love the community of parkrun, I've never met a negative person ever, I have run faster than I ever thought I could and met some awesome people along the way including my running partner. I have been to Adelaide and ran with Torrens parkrunners, up to Townsville this weekend and off to join the locals there- with the rate parkrun is growing I'll have a parkrun for every project! Heading for 25 parkruns this week and still going strong. Thank you all so much for starting a passion that I hope will last a life time.

Neill Taylor - As always I love reading the weekly email. Being a Canberran and having Ginninderra parkrun as my home it was 'impressive' to read that we are officially the coldest run across the country. This reminded me of my first parkrun experience (see the email I sent you below last year). As you'll see in the email and attachment, on the first day of Spring 2012, the temperature at Ginninderra parkrun was -5 degrees a few minutes before we started. I wonder how our parkrun friends further north e.g. QLD would feel running in these conditions. Maybe for 2013 you could track the coldest parkrun temperature at 8am and see if -5 can be beaten! Now that Tuggeranong parkrun is on the scene, Ginninderra might have a new contender!

Matt White - My daughter and I were first timers last week and had a great time doing the Lake Mac parkrun. I wish we could do it every weekend but due to my work roster will have to settle for fortnightly runs.

Ken Leitch - Had a great visit to the Claisebrook Cove parkrun in Perth from my home run at South Bank in Brisbane. Thought I'd turn up nice and early for the 7.00am start only to find out it started at 8.00am! Pretty cold but a great sunrise over the Swan River. Thanks for the hospitality.

Louise Monaghan - I did my first Kirra parkrun last Saturday, what a friendly group of people. Thanks Chris for making me feel welcome, can’t wait to do it again this Saturday :)

Matt Raschke – Recently I returned from a 3 day weekend as part of a five30runners visit by five Newy parkrunners to Geelong. We ran on Landy Field. We did Balyang Sanctuary parkrun. We ran along Bells Beach. We forged some lifelong friendships with some great Geelong people, and look forward to reciprocating soon. Apart from new friendships, I've been privileged to meet true running legends Sonia O'Sullivan and Bruce Fordyce. All of this was made possible by being part of the great parkrun movement. Keep up the great work! parkrun makes a big difference to peoples lives, and it's not ALL about fitness.

Gary Bowen - Well done all at Wynnum parkrun. Great runs by Werner and Liz and of course all the other runners! I might just add a big WELL DONE to all the Volunteers too!

Margaret Patane - Congratulations on a fabulous Gatton parkrun course, great breakfast and company. Well done Ingred Impekoven, parkrun and the Lockyer Valley Council.

Chloe Pavey - I liked Gatton parkrun because I didn't feel like it was a race! And everyone was super encouraging!

Angela Van Gelder - I really enjoyed my first Cleveland parkrun. It was a really nice morning, and a well organized group. I am not an ‘athlete’ but rather a happy participant, and to be welcomed and encouraged even at my level gave me some joyful inspiration. I was scared to join in as I know I don't really fit the ‘fun run’ mold of expectation, but I really appreciated the kindness and friendliness of the organizers, volunteers and runners. I will be back every second Saturday as family commitments permit. Thank you to all who take the time to make this an extremely positive community event! I appreciate it!

Tara Hungerford - Pretty sure I hold the record for the biggest barcode... A4!!! Ran with this at Newy parkrun. Great turnout this morning in not-so-perfect conditions. Congratulations on making Newy parkrun a success.

Alana Stanley - I've been following Claisebrook Cove parkrun on Facebook for a few months now and finally got the guts to do my first run today. I'm so glad I did! And I'll definitely be back next week! :)

Drop me an email if you have an interesting parkrun related fact, happening or comment that you would like to share with all parkrunners.

Volunteer Profile

Name:  Maddie (Mads) Sandall and Benjamin (Benny Boy) Jeeves

Club:  None

Age:  34 and 36

Home parkrun:  Albert Melbourne parkrun

Occupation:  University Admin Manager and IT Geek

Number of runs:  27 and 21

PB:  27:25 and 26:26

Number of times volunteered:  5ish each

Favourite volunteer role:  Stopwatch and On the Road

What do like about volunteering at parkrun:  You get to see everyone start and finish, celebrate new PBs, and you get a day off from running...! You also get to meet the other volunteers you may not normally talk to because they're much faster than us and Maddie can't run and talk at the same time.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment:  We have many memorable moments with parkrunners - regularly it's very amusing watching a number of very heavily hungover runners from too many beers on a Friday, thinking parkrun will cure their hangover...some just resort to a beer with breakfast afterwards! There is a lot of camaraderie at the Finish Line with people hanging around to cheer in the last parkrunner, made even better with fancy dress, cake or a sausage sizzle.

How can we improve parkrun:  parkrun is awesome - it's changed both of our lives for the better around running and we've met some fantastic people. We couldn't run 2km this time last year, and this year is a year of Half Marathons and Trail runs for us both. It's hard to say what would improve it, but some people need a bit more of a push to volunteer - perhaps a Volunteer Points Table is required...?!


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Printed barcodes are used at all our events to record your result. Please click here to collect and print your barcode.
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All questions answered

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Volunteering at parkrun

We ask every parkrunner to volunteer 3 times a year. When volunteering you receive the maximum number of points towards the yearly competition.

Children at parkrun

All children under 11 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Guardians must ensure that children place themselves appropriately so as to prevent a situation where they are being repeatedly overtaken at the start. This is to ensure the safety of your child.

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