Barcode scanning policy on phones and smart watches

Occasionally, we have had a small minority of parkrunners asking to have their smart phones scanned, rather than their printed barcodes.

It is global parkrun policy that event teams ONLY accept paper barcodes, plastic barcodes or official parkrun wristbands.

DFYB Wristband

This means parkrunner barcodes on smart phones or watches are NOT to be accepted for scanning.

It is also NEVER acceptable to harass or be aggressive towards the volunteers for any reason, especially for following the rules.

You can read the parkrun policy here

Why can't we scan the barcodes on smart phones or smart watches?

Well, beside it just simply being a parkrun global policy a few years ago we had a runner collapse and need emergency medical care. parkrunners were able to find her printed barcode in her pram and call her ICE (In Case of Emergency) on that barcode. If we hadn't found that, we wouldn't have known who she was or who to contact.

 Where can I get something durable?

19642460_862351300609754_4526264867438565327_nThere's a great way to ensure you don't forget your barcode (#DFYB) Simply order a tag that's printed with your Athlete ID and attach it to your shoelaces. Also, don't forget your running shoes!

But what if I do forget?

Notice the number of your finish token before you drop it in the bucket at the end of the chute. You'll be able to check out the results later that day on our website and have an idea of your finish time. And next week, #DFYB!

DFYB Spiral