Dogs at parkrun

We had an unfortunate incident today where one of our parkrunners was bitten by the dog of another parkrunner while on the course. Fortunately it was only a minor injury but it does highlight the need for dog owners to make sure they have full control of their dogs at all times.

If you are going to be running with a dog (parkrun rules allow only one dog per person) you must ensure it is under you control on a short lead at all times. This also means no tying dogs up to be left alone along the course or at the start line. If your dog cant run 5km, it would probably be happier being left at home.

If you think your dog may not like large crowds or be spooked it should have a muzzle or just be left at home.

You must also unsure your dog and lead does not trip or interfere with other runners or members of the public.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and help with this issue to make parkrun a safe and fun event for all participants and the public.  

A link to the parkrun dog policy can be found here -