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(Updated 17th February 2016)

Have you reached a parkrun club milestone? If you have met the given criteria (either volunteered or run the required number of times), you are eligible for a fantastic free milestone t-shirt. To see if you claim your t-shirt now, you need to check your parkrun profile. To do this, either:

*  Follow the link to 'manage my profile'. This link can be found in your parkrun Australia newsletter emails, and in any of your run results or volunteer emails; or

*  Follow the link to 'collect and print your barcode' in your registration confirmation email.
If you can’t find any of these emails, please follow the instructions in this link to access your parkrun profile: This will take you to the 'my links' page.

From here click on 'club progress'. If your profile has been activated, you'll see a link that says 'Claim your ___ t-shirt now’. Clicking this will take you through to the parkrun Wiggle store where you will be able to redeem your free t-shirt. A postage fee of $9.00 AUD will apply.

If your link has not been activated yet, you will see a message 'Your have earned your ___ t-shirt'.  Keep checking your profile regularly until your link is activated.

(Image acknowledgement - Rockingham parkrun.  Thank you)

Milestone t-shirts: the latest update
(Russ Jefferys, Head of Marketing - Friday 18 December 2015)

"Since we launched the new milestone t-shirt claim system (and our partnerships with Tribesports and Wiggle) on 1st July this year, 57,000 parkrunners have had their accounts activated to receive their milestone t-shirts. That’s about 20,000 more people than ran this year’s London Marathon! This means that over £500,000 of free t-shirts have now been shared with the parkrun community.

The good news is that we remain in-stock in virtually all sizes of our two most widely-received shirts, the ’50’ and ‘Junior 10’ t-shirts. We do however have very limited stock of the other milestone t-shirts (100, 250 and Volunteer 25) in certain sizes.

We can confirm that we have another large shipment arriving in April 2016, which we believe will entirely meet the demand of the existing backlog, and leave us with a working surplus until the subsequent delivery arrives.

We know some of you have been waiting a long time for your coveted milestone t-shirt, for which we apologise. We know that milestone t-shirts are hard-earned and cherished, and we would have loved to have been able to provide these free t-shirts quicker than we’ve been able to in some cases.

Although we have now got ourselves into the best position parkrun has ever been in with regard to these t-shirts, with the smallest ever backlog, we are still disappointed that for some there is still a wait. We had hoped that we would have been able to totally clear the backlog by now but the process has been much more complicated than we anticipated.

There is a six-month lead-time for the production of our milestone t-shirts, owing to the volume and range of t-shirts and sizes we offer, and there have been a number of delays with the production at the factories over the last year which have caused us further setbacks. These reasons along with the continued massive growth of parkrun globally have unfortunately lead to the delays we’ve experienced along the way.

We’ve learnt a huge amount in the last five months and worked hard to deliver as many of these t-shirts as possible. We’re confident that from April parkrunners won’t experience major delays and that there will be thousands more cherished Tribesports milestone t-shirts at parkruns all around the world.  Thanks for your passion and support."


Please contact me at if you have any questions and/or need any assistance.

Dale Murray | Event Director | Armidale parkrun
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