No Torrens parkrun event on Christmas Day 2016 or New Years Day 2017

There will be no Torrens parkrun event on Christmas Day or New Years Day. We have done New Years Day in previous years but with New Years Eve being a Saturday there will be our regular event and we're not confident there would be many folk up for doing it all again the next day.


Christmas Day and New Year’s Day Torrens parkrun events

There are two days of the year where we allow parkrun events to take place outside of a Saturday morning… Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Christmas Day
We have decided not to hold a Torrens parkrun event on Christmas Day.

If you are keen for a run on Christmas Day, The South Australian Road Runners hold their 'Fanatics Christmas Day Half Marathon' on Christmas morning. They have 8,13 or 21.1km distances starting at 6am.

Check out the link here -

New Year's Day
We have not yet decided on whether we will hold a NYD run. If we can get at least 50 people and 3 volunteers interested we will hold an event.

To this end we will create a Facebook Event to collect numbers of interested participants. Please indicate on the event if you are 'Going', 'Maybe' or 'Not Going'. NOTE: By selecting one of these answers does not guarantee the event will go ahead, it is simply a way to keep track of numbers at this stage.

You can find a link to the event here -

If you have not yet liked the facebook page please do so. You will find our facebook page here

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