Karkarook parkrun # 88 - 14/07/2018

PosparkrunnerTimeAge CatAge GradeGender PosClubNoteTotal Runs
1Simon NEALE16:50VM45-4984.26 %M1Lysterfield Trail RunnersPB stays at 00:16:4710Strava logo
2Andrew COMPSON16:59VM40-4480.96 %M2Melbourne Midday MilersNew PB!13Strava logo
3Corey LAWSON17:21VM40-4478.67 %M3Mentone ACPB stays at 00:17:1349Strava logo
4Mathew MARSHALL17:25SM25-2974.07 %M4New PB!12
5Darren BOWDEN17:33VM35-3976.64 %M5Melbourne Midday MilersNew PB!14Strava logo
6Garth CALDER18:02VM55-5985.95 %M6Melbourne Midday MilersFirst Timer!18
7Tony MORAN18:06VM55-5987.85 %M7Victorian Cross Country LeaguePB stays at 00:18:064
8Mark PURVIS18:08VM60-6489.25 %M8Melbourne Midday MilersPB stays at 00:18:0347
9Joel SAMSU18:10SM30-3471.19 %M9First Timer!3Strava logo
10Tony GOODYEAR18:38VM45-4976.12 %M10Sutton-in-Ashfield Harriers & ACPB stays at 00:18:0142
11Derek COUPER19:13VM50-5477.97 %M11Mentone ACNew PB!26
12Eric LOUW19:16VM50-5479.07 %M12Melbourne Midday MilersNew PB!36
13Andrew PINTAR19:19VM35-3968.25 %M13Melbourne Midday MilersPB stays at 00:18:5213
14David STONES19:47VM45-4973.97 %M14Victorian Cross Country LeagueNew PB!6
15Yuri KONTROBARSKY19:54VM45-4973.53 %M15PB stays at 00:19:075
16Chris EMMERSON19:56SM30-3464.88 %M16First Timer!1
17Sarah Estelle HUTCHINSON20:17VW40-4476.42 %F1Sutton-in-Ashfield Harriers & ACNew PB!45
18Ross PRICKETT20:21VM50-5473.05 %M17Melbourne Midday MilersFirst Timer!38
19Vince YEO20:31VM45-4970.19 %M18Melbourne Midday MilersPB stays at 00:19:33102Member of the parkrun 100 Club
20Nicholas BIGNELL20:48VM65-6980.61 %M19Melbourne Midday MilersPB stays at 00:20:1366Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
21Anindita SAMSU20:53SW25-2970.87 %F2First Timer!3
23Peter BENCE21:15VM65-6981.18 %M21Oakleigh ACPB stays at 00:20:1954Member of the parkrun 50 Club
24Nathan BOWMAN21:17SM20-2460.61 %M22New PB!16
25Bryce DURHAM21:19SM30-3461.53 %M23New PB!53Member of the parkrun 50 Club
26Andrew BELL21:35SM30-3460.77 %M24PB stays at 00:21:089
27Gary SLAUGHTER22:10VM40-4462.48 %M25Sunshine Coast Running CompanyNew PB!3
28Robin BROTCHIE22:18SM30-3458.30 %M26Achilles Running Club MelbournePB stays at 00:20:16137Member of the parkrun 100 Club
29Roslyn CROSSWELL22:23VW40-4468.35 %F3PB stays at 00:21:0317
30Jarrod GRAHAM22:45VM45-4962.34 %M27New PB!3Strava logo
31Baden FALLA22:57VM45-4962.75 %M28PB stays at 00:22:0113
32Jono FUELLING23:04VM45-4962.43 %M29PB stays at 00:23:0314
33Mark MURRAY23:18VM40-4460.37 %M30First Timer!1
34Lucas FLEEGE23:23SM20-2455.74 %M31PB stays at 00:21:536
35Frank JANSEN23:25VM45-4961.99 %M32PB stays at 00:22:4051Member of the parkrun 50 Club
36Gianluca PIRCHIO23:33SM25-2954.78 %M33New PB!2
38George LAY23:37SM30-3455.26 %M35PB stays at 00:22:3521Strava logo
39Mattie KREMERS DE BOER24:03JW11-1467.71 %F4PB stays at 00:22:446
40Xavier BECK24:22JM1067.10 %M36New PB!10Member of the parkrun 10 Club
41Chris BECK24:24VM45-4958.13 %M37PB stays at 00:18:3929
42Noah FERNANDES24:29JM11-1462.49 %M38PB stays at 00:22:435
43Eric SIGMONT24:33VM65-6971.01 %M39Glenhuntly ACPB stays at 00:23:2412
44Judah FERNANDES24:36JM1066.46 %M40New PB!3
45Stuart ELLIOTT24:38VM55-5962.92 %M41PB stays at 00:23:0744
46Daniel BOTES24:42JM1066.19 %M42Mentone ACNew PB!5
47Clint CASTLEY24:46VM45-4959.08 %M43First Timer!86Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
48Nick JACKSON24:56VM45-4957.75 %M44PB stays at 00:23:2637
49Steve GRAY25:20VM60-6465.59 %M45PB stays at 00:23:49101Member of the parkrun 100 Club
50Daniel OSBORNE25:41SM25-2950.29 %M46PB stays at 00:24:4247
51Peter YEOMAN25:45VM35-3951.52 %M47New PB!16
52Maya KONTROBARSKY25:49VW45-4964.17 %F5PB stays at 00:25:485
53Ravi ARUMANAYAGAM25:57VM50-5456.84 %M48B.A.C. Fitness 4 BlokesFirst Timer!16
54Catherine ANTCLIFF26:11SW20-2456.52 %F6PB stays at 00:24:2732
55Aaron WONG26:16SM25-2949.11 %M49New PB!2
56Justine BERTRAND26:17VW50-5463.79 %F7PB stays at 00:24:4385Member of the parkrun 50 Club
57Ian PERRYMAN26:25VM50-5456.72 %M50PB stays at 00:24:5910
58Bianca CAMFIELD26:26VW35-3957.25 %F8PB stays at 00:26:1643
59Elena WILSON26:55VW40-4457.59 %F9PB stays at 00:26:0214
60Rosemary WAGHORN27:07VW45-4958.57 %F10PB stays at 00:24:5630
61Graeme HART27:11VM45-4952.18 %M51PB stays at 00:26:0461Member of the parkrun 50 Club
63Akiko WALKER28:23VW35-3953.32 %F11First Timer!2
64Martin WALKER28:24VM35-3946.71 %M53PB stays at 00:27:303
65Amy MULHOLLAND28:25SW30-3452.20 %F12PB stays at 00:27:2540
66David TRAN28:28SM30-3445.67 %M54PB stays at 00:27:0113Strava logo
67Craig MAY28:31VM45-4950.09 %M55New PB!17
68Francine TIMPERLEY28:34VW55-5962.54 %F13PB stays at 00:27:3854Member of the parkrun 50 Club
69Joshua JANSEN28:46JM11-1451.68 %M56PB stays at 00:25:4259Member of the parkrun 50 Club
70Rachael ROACH28:47VW35-3952.58 %F14New PB!11
71David MELLINGS28:54VM50-5451.04 %M57Melbourne Midday MilersPB stays at 00:18:0799Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
72Amelia MURRAY28:57JW11-1457.46 %F15First Timer!1
73Mel PRANTZOS28:58VW35-3951.61 %F16Running Mums AustraliaFirst Timer!1
74Andrew KONG29:00SM25-2944.48 %M58PB stays at 00:24:4037Strava logo
75Glenda LEIGH29:09VW55-5962.95 %F17New PB!17
77Glenn BERRY29:15VM45-4949.23 %M60GENERATION RUNFirst Timer!36
78Allison HART29:21VW40-4452.41 %F18PB stays at 00:29:0372Member of the parkrun 50 Club
79Lucy GUTHRIE29:46VW40-4452.46 %F19PB stays at 00:29:1520
80Nathan RUYS30:01SM20-2442.98 %M61PB stays at 00:29:0217
81Joshua UTLEY30:29JM1051.78 %M62PB stays at 00:29:3233Member of the parkrun 10 Club
82Andrew UTLEY30:30VM35-3944.43 %M63PB stays at 00:29:3219
85Yoshiko TOKUNAGA31:06VW55-5957.45 %F20PB stays at 00:29:3056Member of the parkrun 50 Club
86Nancy DE KEIJZER31:40VW55-5958.74 %F21PB stays at 00:30:2511
87Margaret MCDOUGALL32:04VW60-6460.50 %F22PB stays at 00:30:4854Member of the parkrun 50 Club
88Jillian R CAMPBELL32:06VW45-4950.99 %F23PB stays at 00:28:5840
89Kelvin YAP32:13VM55-5948.94 %M66PB stays at 00:31:2035
90Abigail CANT32:21JW11-1448.58 %F24PB stays at 00:30:46176Member of the parkrun 100 Club
92Mark Ronald CANT32:23VM55-5947.86 %M68Victorian Masters AthleticsPB stays at 00:24:41199Member of the parkrun 100 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 ClubStrava logo
93Charlotte IRNDORFER32:24JW1052.67 %F25First Timer!1
95Anthony CARUANA32:54VM50-5444.83 %M70PB stays at 00:26:3539Strava logo
96Melanie KOE33:13SW25-2944.56 %F26PB stays at 00:27:2714
97Kellie UTLEY33:17VW35-3945.67 %F27Running Mums AustraliaPB stays at 00:29:1349
98Sheina PAL33:18SW25-2944.44 %F28PB stays at 00:28:1525Strava logo
99Mark THIMM33:21VM40-4441.88 %M71PB stays at 00:27:1113
101Ming Li YEE33:23VW35-3945.33 %F29PB stays at 00:32:057
102John MANNING33:31VM70-7453.95 %M73Victorian Masters AthleticsPB stays at 00:32:2129
103Emma PRISTOV33:55SW20-2443.64 %F30PB stays at 00:31:4120
105Jackie CANT34:14VW50-5448.98 %F31PB stays at 00:33:31128Member of the parkrun 100 Club
106Sharon RUYTERS34:33VW55-5954.61 %F32New PB!10
107Dale ANDERSON34:37VM45-4941.60 %M75First Timer!2
108Patrick O'NEILL34:57VM40-4439.96 %M76PB stays at 00:27:442
109Philip WALLS35:21VM50-5441.73 %M77PB stays at 00:32:4429
110Lorinda SHAW36:00VW40-4443.70 %F33PB stays at 00:35:2417
111Kate NICHOLSON36:38VW40-4442.63 %F34New PB!3
112Amally DING37:00SW25-2940.00 %F35First Timer!25
113Mel WILKEY37:17VW40-4442.20 %F36PB stays at 00:33:3311
114Megan RILEY37:18VW55-5947.90 %F37New PB!8
115Tracey HUTCHINSON37:38VW45-4943.49 %F38PB stays at 00:35:0158Member of the parkrun 50 Club
116Lachlan JANSEN37:53JM11-1437.44 %M78PB stays at 00:29:1526Member of the parkrun 10 Club
117Amelia NEUWECK39:30JW1044.43 %F39PB stays at 00:36:432
118Kim NEUWECK39:30VW35-3938.48 %F40Running Mums AustraliaPB stays at 00:28:5019
119Megan JANSEN40:04JW1043.80 %F41PB stays at 00:31:3027Member of the parkrun 10 Club
120Judith JANSEN40:06VW40-4439.24 %F42PB stays at 00:26:1821
121Lesleigh MATHER40:41VW55-5945.10 %F43PB stays at 00:39:0631
122Sarah JOHNSON40:49SW30-3436.50 %F44PB stays at 00:34:1464Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
123Holly GRAHAM42:34SW20-2434.77 %F45New PB!4
124Jo BELL42:39VW35-3935.17 %F46First Timer!1
125Renee WEBSTER44:43SW30-3433.25 %F47PB stays at 00:27:38179Member of the parkrun 100 Club
126Greg DOWNIE44:43VM55-5935.26 %M79PB stays at 00:36:4829
127Ana FARRELL44:49VW40-4435.11 %F48New PB!12
128Amanda KWONG45:12SW30-3432.78 %F49Achilles Running Club MelbournePB stays at 00:22:25161Member of the parkrun 100 Club
129Lucas SHAW46:33JM11-1431.94 %M80PB stays at 00:33:568
132Andrea ANDERSON48:07VW45-4933.67 %F50New PB!2
133Darren ELLIS50:51VM50-5429.01 %M83Victorian Road RunnersPB stays at 00:35:37108Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
134Leticia MAHER51:11VW40-4430.74 %F51New PB!3
135Ian WEST54:20VM55-5928.77 %M84PB stays at 00:41:4714
136Thomas WEST54:23JM15-1725.19 %M85First Timer!1
137Edmund TSANG54:24SM30-3423.99 %M86PB stays at 00:20:0430
138Zack SHAW54:25JM1030.05 %M87PB stays at 00:40:194
139Derek SHAW54:26VM45-4926.06 %M88PB stays at 00:25:1718

Thanks to the volunteers

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Sandie BAUMGARTNER, Anthony CARUANA, Oliver HARDER, Joshua JANSEN, Frank JANSEN, Vanessa JONES, David POTTS, Chris RUYS, Derek SHAW, Zack SHAW, Ross TENNANT, Andrew UTLEY

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