Cairns parkrun New Year’s Day parkrun

Cairns parkrun will be running on New Year's Day. 8.00am, so you have one extra hour to 'sleep in' before you start your new year with a bang.


parkrun on Christmas in Cairns

ChristmasJoin us for a Christmas Cairns parkrun at 8.00am on 25 December 2014. Exactly like any other parkrun, your time will be counted and you can get an 'extra' run in for the week.

There is no extra run on New Year's Day.


New Year, Thursday, 1 January 2015

Join us at 8.00am on New Year's Day for an extra Cairns parkrun. One of the best ways to add to your yearly parkruns and reach the next 'Club' level, be that 10 runs (juniors), 50, 100, etc. faster. We were very pleased with ourselves last year with 46 runners turning up. And they would have been pleased with themselves later in the year when we had to cancel two runs because of cyclones! The other run was of course held on Christmas Day.


Christmas and New Year’s Day Cairns parkruns

Join us at 7.00am on Christmas Day and again on New Year's Day to celebrate. We have some money left from the $500 we won the other day, so there will be breakfast for everyone to share on Christmas Day.

To help with catering, please let us know that you will be there: Christmas and/or New Year

A couple of volunteers are needed, so send an email to Donna at if you are keen to help out.

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