Times for 24 March 2018

Hi Cairns parkrunners, we had problems with our stopwatch today. Results will be posted once we can get it sorted.


Missing your results from Cairns parkrun on 13 January 2018?

Results processed for today. We did have a hickup with one of the scanners and about 20 people's results are not currently uploaded.. If your results are not recorded you need to email through your full 'parkrun' name, home run and finish position (time too, if you have it) to cairnsoffice@parkrun.com and we'll update it. This will be done in the next couple of days, so please be patient.

Thanks, Lorraine Lawson

Cairns parkrun event director


parkrun rules

parkrun has a few rules, including those listed below. Follow the rules and enjoy parkrun.

  • No barcode, no time i.e. aim to be less forgetful.
  • Keep left. Two maximum abreast i.e. be courteous to fellow path users.
  • No scooters, bikes, skateboards, roller blades, etc. i.e. we can go for a run without falling over small children and someone getting hurt.
  • Kids under 11 must be within arm length from their parent/guardian i.e. look after your kids!
  • One dog per parkrunner - on a short lead i.e. we can go for a run without falling over your dog.
  • Hand your tag in at the end i.e. make the results processor's job much easier. Unlike one of our participants today who just threw it on the ground when he was given the tag as he crossed the finish line. WOW?!
  • Kids in prams are welcome - ensure you give your pram REGULAR maintenance and you start at the back of the pack so people don't fall over you at the start.

It is a bit hard on our volunteers if they are required to enforce the rules and it does spoil their day to a certain extent. Please follow our basic rules and make it a nice day for everyone.


Cairns parkrun # 221, 04/11/2017

Run report by Danielle Lynch

The temperature was rising on a sunny morning in Cairns. 213 runners were out in force on the Esplanade, alongside volunteers from St Augustine’s College who were taking on the volunteer roles as a team for the third time!

Joel ATKINS was official timekeeper, whilst Ben BANCROFT handed out the tokens to be scanned by Caleb FEARON and Lachlan DOYLE and sorted by Sharyn CROOKES. Standing post at the turning points guiding the runners in the right directions were Kaleb JEYNES and Nick POMMER, who also had a camera in his hand to capture some of the runners at the turn around. Michael FOMIATTI walked at the pack of the pack and made sure all the runners made it across the finish line as tail runner.

There were several first timers and visitors from as far afield as Belfast, Northern Ireland. Filiz MORTIMER hit the 50 milestone today and Junior Kelsey JOWITT hit 10.

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